16 `What Would You Choose?` Scenarios [Pic]

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So which would you prefer I-A-B?

1) A sexy gamer girlfriend or $50,000 cash?

2) Beat Eminem in a freestyle battle or make a game winning touchdown?

3) Get away with a bank robbery or get away with an art heist?

4) A brand new sports car with no one in it or a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron with Kate Upton inside

5) The ability to fly or the ability to read minds?

6) Master every instrument or master every sport?

7) Have Kanye rant about you on twitter or be the inspiration for Taylor Swifts next song?

8) A date with Jennifer Lawrence or All the pizza, forever?

9) Fist fight Justin Bieber or fist fight Kim Jong Un?

10) Become a ninja or become a pirate?

11) Unlimited Nutella or unlimited Krispy Kreme?

12) Travel 200 years in the past or 200 years to the future?

13) Live in Harry Potters world or live in Lord of the Rings world?

14) A free Playstation 4 or a free Xbox One?

15) The ability to talk to animals or the ability to speak any language fluently

16) All the money in the world or all the time in the world?

So many choices so little time. Put your choices and your reasons why in the comments.
There are 53 comments:
Male 16
1) Gamer girlfriend, even if she`s not sexy, she`s still worth way more than 50k.
2) Who`s Eminem and whats a touchdown?
3) Art, cause it`s unique.
4) Sports car, cause it`s worth more.
5) Flying, why on earth would i want to know all the F`d up stuff in peoples heads?
6) As mastering every sport would likely make me a murderer several times, I`d definitely go for instruments.
7) Who and Who?
8) Pizza, cause then i could solve world hunger and everyone would like me.
9) I don`t punch girls so it`s gonna have to be Kim jong un.
10) Pirate, cause free movies.
11) Uhm... i don`t know what those are.
12) Future, cause they`d probably have biological immortality by then.
13) Have magic or live in a medieval world where the monsters are real? Magic thanks.
14) PC bitches.
15) I can already talk to animals, they just don`t talk back, so languages it is.
16) Already secured immortality at number 12 so monies for me!
Male 1,425
1 - Obviously all da money
2 - Dat TD
3 - Rob dat bank
4 - I`ll take the sports car.
5 - Flight
6 - Every Instrument
7 - Swift, screw Kanye.
8 - Show me the pizza baby!
9 - Beiber
10 - Ninja, cuz ninjas are sneaky. By nature I`m quiet too, so the ninja would be perfect.
11 - Nutella
12 - Show me the future baby, because why drat up what already happened, can`t do anything about that.
13 - Harry Potter
14 - =\ I don`t know, I guess free ps4
15 - Animals
16 - All the time fo sho.

Female 1
1. 50 grand.
2. Make a winning TD.
3. Bank robbery - to difficult to sell the art.
4. Brand new sports car - I enjoy driving fast.
5. Flying - awesome.
6. All the instruments.
7. Taylor Swift - better to be the muse.
8. Pizza - What can I say ;)
9. Fist fight with Bieber - should be quick.
10. Pirate - better costumes.
11. Crispy Creme - all varieties included.
12. 200 years in the future - I`m curious..
13. LOTR - obviously.
14. Really don`t know - either
15. Any language - but that puppy is cute!
16. All the time - if I have all the time I will make all the money. All the money will never buy me more time ;)
Male 2,675
I may change my answer on #1 ... Jesus tapdancing Christ she`s hot.
Male 2,675
1) cash (then masturbate to sexy gamer pic)
2) beat Eminem. Oh wait ... "beat eminem in a fr ..." aw screw that, ... game winning TD.
3) bank heist (skip "sell art for cash" middle man.)
4) Sports car (you can buy a lot of company with a half-mil car.
5) flying of course.
6) Instruments. I`m alread rich from the first 5 questions, so this one`s just for enjoyment.
7) Taylor of course. Change it to "have Knaye drop dead" and this would be a toughy.
8) Assuming it`s good pizza? ... pizza
9) Oooooh. Tough one. "For the betterment of humanity..." doesn`t even help ... hmm ... Oh, I guess Kim. He`s actually dangerous.
10) Pirate (I get a ship, right?)
11) assuming health problems aren`t a problem in this pixie-dust-fueled fantasy? ... Krispy Kreme.
12) temporarily? future. I`d be burned as a witch in the past. *shrug*
13) Harry Potter.
14) Meh, dunno. Eeni, minie, moe ...
15) Animals. People suck
Female 543
1. Cash, 2. I don`t care, neither?, 3. Bank robbery, 4. New sports car, 5. Read minds, 6. Master of instruments, 7. Neither please, 8. Pizza, 9. Fight Justin Bieber, can`t be hard, 10. Ninja, pirates had pooty lives, 11. Donuts, you can`t just eat nutella, 12. 200 years past, 13. Harry Potter world, 14. uh idk i`d just sell it, 15. any language, 16. all the money
Male 17,511
Most of my answers to these questions would be "Neither".

Except for the cash, reading minds, languages and ninja abilities.

Not going to give explanations.
Male 1,162
11. Krispy Kreme. Nutella is an application while Krispy has a variety of products and the question doesn`t specify if its only donuts or their entire menu. I`ll go with a menu of selection over just flavored peanut butter.
12. The Future. I can read about the past all day, wether its right or wrong. I`d rather see where the future lies.
13. Potter. It takes place in modern day and as long as you stay out of england, you won`t die accidentally in a dark wizard attack.
14. It doesnt matter. Both systems are the same.
15. Every Language. It will be more useful and convenient. The minute you can speak to your dog, you`ll wish you could shut him up.
16. Time. I`ve already got money, food, linguistics, heralded as a hero for punching Kim Jong, was an inspiration to a song, will be remembered as winning the game for millions of rabid fans, and received expert ninja training. I`ll take immortality so I can enjoy that forever.
Male 1,162
1. Money. There`s no promise that she would put out as often as you`d like.
2. Touchdown. You`ll be remembered by millions of football fans versus hated by thousands of eminem fans
3. Bank. Its more work having to sell the art.
4. Sports car. Again, who cares if it comes with Upton. You`re not getting any and false flattery will be a waste of my time. When I need the money, I can sell the sports car for security cash.
5. Fly. Reading minds will only lead to depression and frustration.
6. Instruments. Playing any sport is fine but you`ll require the body strength to pull it off which is not given in this scenario.
7. Swift. Better to be an inspiration than a topic.
8. Food. Who wants 1 fleeting, meaningless date with someone who will never speak to you again versus unlimited food. You will save more money.
9. Kim Jong Un; You`ll be heralded verses hated.
10. Ninja. I`ll need to know how to hide after robbing that bank.
Male 4,242
why would you fist fight Kim Jong Un? he is a good man that it is trying to make the world a better place
Male 13,630
Ability to fly and talk to animals will do me
Male 238
Basically same as jops. Also, we are already able to talk to animals. They just don`t understand us, and even if they did there is no guarantee that they would have the mental capability to come up with an answer, so that`s why I choose every language in the world. Also being able to read minds, it makes me wonder, do you THINK in a certain language?
Male 689
1. money
3.money again(art is impossible to sell)
4. sportscar(no telling if kate would stay with they other car)
5. read minds
6.instraments(my luck i would break something playing sports and all would be lost)
7.kanye( really i dont care)
9.kim jonh un
10.ninja( because there are ninjas on baots right?)
11.krispy kreme( nutella makes me sick if i eat too much and i could always sell what i dont want to eat)
12.past( because with my answer to 16 i would get both. also because, if i get to keep my knowledge, i could rule)
13.potter( to many wars not enough magic in the other)
14.dosent matter and would probably sell it
15. languages(rather understand everyone than everyone thinking im crazy for talking to animals)
16. time( with all the time money is not an issue, that is if i can stay young and healthy. would hate it if i was just some sort of thinking lump not able to do anything.)
Male 907
1. The girl, I`ve already got both and girls are always better than money.
2. Touch down and be a hero, got nothing against Eminem
3. Bank, money in hand.
4. Depends if you get to keep it or them. If not, the sports car, if it`s keeps, Upton and the crummy car.
5. Read minds and you can rule the world.
6. Instrument, I`m intellectual.
7. Swift, want nothing to do with Kanye.
8. Always girls over food.
10. Ninja, Pirates lived in squalor and died young.
11. Donuts
12. The past. The future is going to suck.
13. Potter if I don`t have to go to Hogwarts, O/W Lord of the Rings
14. No clue
15. Every language, animals don`t have anything to say, except stuff like, "I want food."
16. Time, that`s immortality.
Male 109
why would you like to speak every language in the world when you can speak to animals?

you can learn to speak languages; speaking doguese, or cattish, even girafferian would be awesome.

imagine the n of chicks that would speak to ya
Male 237
1) Already have SGG, I`d take $50K
2) Eminem
3) Robbery, heist, you`d need to lose the art
4) Sports. No strings attached with Kate
5) Read Minds. Hello new jobs :)
6) Every instrument. So awesome!
7) Kanye. Publicity stunt! But neither, really.
8) Pizza! Already have SGG! would give Pizza to poor peeps.
9) Violence again? None.
10) Ninja
11) KK. Would give donuts to poor peeps. Choices VS single thing.
12) Permanently? Future. Temporarily: Past.
13) Harry Potter. Less painful, really
14) Already have PS4 so XB1.
15) Any Language
16) All the time if I keep my sanity/age. Then I can slowly have all the money! Otherwise, if I become an old nagging fart, all the money.
Male 2,579
Get the money and the girls will find you.
Male 3,332
The only one I had to think about was who to fist fight. It came down to who was more evil. KJU won, but it was close. Maybe instead of fist fighting either, I could buy a ticket with all the money in the world to watch them fist fight, and my sexy gamer girlfriend and Kate Upton could be ring girls.
Male 8,547
1. $50,000
2 . Touchdown
3. Art
4. Sportscar
5. Fly
6. Every instrument
7. Have Kanye rant about me kicking his ass.
8. Pizza
9. Kim Jonh Un
10. Pirate (more rum)
11. Krispy Kreme (Deep-fried Southern Sin)
12. Future
13. Harry Potter (Hermoine)
14. Xbox One
15. Any Language
16. Time
Male 5,094
1) Girl, duh.
2) Neither, I really don`t care much about rap nor sports.
3) Bank robbery; then you have the cash instead of things you need to turn into cash.
4) Car, Kate Upton is way out of my league and not much would have come of it anyway.
5) I`d say fly, I can barely stand having one person in my head all the time, let alone all of them.
6) Every instrument, honestly, I don`t understand sports and never did.
7) Uh, neither? Well, if I had to choose it would be Ms. Swift since I find her to be very, VERY beautiful, and since her inspiration always comes from exes that would mean we got it together at some point.
8) Jennifer Lawrence, she seems like an awesomely fun and relaxed person.
9) Neither, violence never solves anything.
10) Again neither, because of fanaticism and violence of the ninja`f part and disease and violence of the pirate`s.
11) Nutella, it stays fresh longer making it easier to resell.
Male 5,094

12) Future, because diseases and central heating.
13) HP, for same reasons as 12.
14) Whichever costs the more so I can sell it. There`s nothing a console can do that a PC can`t at a lower price, I have greater control over a PC, and drat forced brand monopolies.
15) Any language as in "any and all" or just one? If it`s all then that, since that would encompass animals too. No, I`d take one other language over animals as well, since most animal conversation is mostly like "MY FOOD", "MY BUSH" "MY BITCHES" "SEX NOW", "ALSO MY BUSH", "MY ANTLERS ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR ANTLERS AND THEREFORE YOU SHOULD GET AWAY FROM MY BITCHES"
16) All the time, since ultimately time is the only thing we have, and all other things depend on that we have it.
Male 2,436
Bieber vs Kim Jong... I`ll take the winner.
Male 2,528
1. $50K (I`m not a gamer)
2. Neither interest me
3. Bank robbery (it`s much easier to track a valuable painting)
4. The Lambo (it would pull so much poontang that I wouldn`t have to think about Kate)
5. Fly (Why do I want to know what douches think)
6. Every Instrument
7. Neither
8. I don`t know who Jennifer Lawrence is.
9. The Bieb
10. Ninja (I get sea sick)
11. Ewww... Neither (Who came up with this list?)
12. Future (In the past, my newly found powers of flight would be called WITCHCRAFT!)
13. Harry Potter`s world (I don`t like running)
14. PS4 (Until now, I`ve been an XBox fan, but I don`t like the idea of a camera that`s always activated and connected to the internet)
Male 1,738
1) $50,000 cash
2) Beat Eminem
3) bank robbery
4) sports car
5) read minds
6) master every sport
7) Taylor Swift
8) Jennifer Lawrence
9) Can`t decide on fist fighting Justin Bieber or fist fight Kim Jong Un?
10) ninja
11) unlimited Krispy Kreme
12) 200 years to the future
13) Harry Potters world
14) free Playstation 4
15) talk to animals
16) all the time in the world
Male 85
I`m surprised by how easy most decisions were. There were even some where I would choose neither.
Male 7,774
Date Jennifer Lawrence and let her beat beiber
Male 1,983
Not one of those was a tough decision.
Female 8,055
What a boring and stupid set of choices. I might quite fancy flying and talking to animals- but then again I can see those being bad choices... I do not drive- nor do I want to. I do not game, or gorge on sweet junk. I am a product of my own time, my own place- and if those things changed then so would i...
Male 675
1. Gamer girl - worth more than $50,000.
2. Game winning touchdown. I can`t stand rap.
3. Art, because the Mona Lisa is priceless.
4. The sports car, I already have the girl.
5. Mind reading, too many uses to count, flying only has one.
6. Master sports, now I get paid for the touchdown.
7. Taylor Swift, Kanye is a tool.
8. Pizza, still have the girl.
9. Kim Jong Un has the ability to bring an impoverished nation out of the dark and he can`t be bothered. Bieber`s just a brat.
10. Ninja, so I can steal art and actually not get caught.
11. Krispy Kremes.
12. Future, because better medicine.
13. Harry Potter, traveling 200 years in LotR is moot.
14. Doesn`t matter really, I`ll sell it on Ebay for a profit then buy a PS4 at retail in 2 months.
15. You`d be surprised how very little animals would have to say, I`ll talk to other people.
16. Time, because otherwise I`d die of heart disease from all the pizza and Krispy Kremes.
Male 26
9. I would punch both of them in the twat. idc about the other choices.
Female 2,691
7.Who and who? Who the hell cares?
8. Who? And pizza? I already sleep with the world`s top pizza master. (Lucky him, eh?)
9. Kick both their girly butts and call it a day.
10. Pirate! Pant, pant--oh, wait, I thought you said which one you`d want to do. Sorry.
11. Barf on both, pretty much.
12. Can`t I do both? Wait, if I have enough frequent flyer miles, can I determine my own preferred coordinates?
13. Neither. I would like to go to Wonderland and straighten things out. Drink me? Eat me? Eat this, rabbit!
14. Give me both. I`ll put them up on Craigslist.
15. Well, now, if I can talk to animals, that is a lot of languages that I can speak. If you mean human languages, be more specific.
16. All? So no one else would have money or time?
Female 2,691
6. Every instrument. Though the flugelhorn is a sticking point. Oh, and I would like to be an expert surfer who wasn`t afraid of sharks.
Female 2,691
1. Well, the money. Duh. What would I want with that silly girl?
2. Don`t give a damn about either one. Can I just have a pastrami sandwich instead?
3. More money, I guess. But I would hate to scare anybody. I wish I could afford fine art, but I guess you guys are talking about depriving the world of the old and famous stuff.
4. Modification here. Rolls Royce or old Bentley, driver, champagne, and my favorite guy next to me.
5. Fly, I guess. If I could read minds, I`d hear things I didn`t want to hear. And, oh no! What if others could read my mind? We all think such a crap-pile of random stuff every day. Nope.
Male 2,516
1. Cash - already have sexy girl
2. Eminem - Don`t really care about either
3. Bank - Can`t move art
4. Sports car - do I really need to explain?
5. Flying - Best mode of transportation
6. Instruments - Way more impressive of a talent
7. T. Swift - Hate Kanye
8. Pizza - If you gotta ask, you just don`t like pizza enough.
9. The Biebs - Hate the Biebs. Also Kim Jung would probably have me executed
10. Ninja - Tenchu
11. Krispy kreme - More variety
12. Future - Seriously? Why go back?
13. Harry Potter - Magic seems better there
14. PS4 - Don`t really care, but if I had to choose...
15. Talking to animals - Cuz it must be magic. Any language in the world I can do with some work.
16. Time - Because I can do anything with enough time.
Male 2,389
Money, neither, money, car, read minds, music, taylor swift, pizza, beiber, ninja, KK, past, Harry Potter, PS4, Every language, money
Female 28
Why are these all for men.
Male 965
12:) Future. going to the past would suck ass, I wouldn`t want to spend time there. The future would be awesome.
13:) LOTR. I assume I don`t become a wizard just by living in the Harry Potter universe so it`s kind of pointless.
14:)PS4. There are games I want to pick up for it eventually.
15:)Languages. Animals are dumb, besides nobody would belive I could talk to them. If I could speak any language I`d travel everywhere.
16:)Time, easy. With all that free time you could make as much money as you wanted and still have time to chill.
Male 965
1:) Money. You can do a lot with money and I can always get a girl on my own merits.
2:) Touchdown. That would be pretty great, I don`t care about winning a rap battle.
3:) bank heist. I wouldn`t know what to do with a stolen painting, but assuming I could just use cash...
4:)sports car. I doubt I have enough in common with Kate Upton that it would be worth giving up a bad ass car to hang out with her in some piece of poo.
5:) fly. Reading peoples minds would suck. I don`t even like my thoughts sometimes.
6:) instruments. I would love to be able to make music.
7:)Kanye rant I guess? I don`t really care either way on this one.
8:) I`d spend a date with Jennifer Lawrence, she seems pretty cool and Pizza forever would get boring as poo after a while.
9:) Oh are you kidding? Bieber.
10:)Ninja. I`m assuming i`d be either in the present so ninja skills would be more useful.
11:)Nutella. Never had Krispy Kreme so don`t mind giving them up.
Male 5,626
1) Cash. Make a game then, meet women.
2) Goal.
3) Bank. More fun, easier to stash.
4) New car. More fun, less maintenance.
5) Fly if I could safely carry people to safety.
6) Instruments. More return.
7) Rant. Less questions, more privacy.
8) Is there pineapple?
9) One is an annoyance, the other had an entire orchestra and their families executed just to hide his wife`s sex tape. An ass kicking is not enough.
10) Ninja if I was not REQUIRED to kill innocent people. In, out, really quickly and quietly = successful mission. Good job.
11) Vegetarianism.
12) Future.
13) HP. It`s close to modern life. Depends on what powers were available.
14) whichever of the two I could sell for more.
15) Language has more value. You`re not exactly going to be discussing philosophy with the puppy.
16) Money. Hard to say time because I`d have to repeatedly watch my associates age and die.
Male 155
1) Money, the girlfriend will probably leave your fat ass later on
2) Beat Em unconcious, well that isn`t a choice so touchdown
3) bank robbery, since nothing is said about actually selling it(getting caught selling)
4) sports car(sell later) Kate Upton will wake up and realize wtf and run away
5) read minds that way I don`t get hanged/burned when ppl see me fly
6) sport
7) Don`t listen to either of em, so Taylor Swift i guess.
8) Pizza hands down
9) Fist fight between both and watch them go at it
10) Ninja, Pirates tend to get killed
11) Kreme
12) Future, that way I can get a cure for whatever i get.
13) Harry`s world, magic isn`t evil there.
14) xbox then sell it to get a pc thats more powerful
15) Animals
16) if time=immortal then defintetly time
Male 3,908
1) Cash, already have a gf and not a video game fan
2) Score a game winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals
3) Bank robbery, art would be hard to sell if it was hot
4) Kate Upton
5) Read minds
6) Every instrument, I can only play guitar, bass & drums currently
7) Suicide
8) Jennifer Lawrence
9) Bieber
10) Pirate
11) Neither
12) Future
13) Lord of the Rings, the elf chicks are hot
14) Neither
15) All languages
16) Time
Male 36
1.) $50,000 will get you plenty of girls.
2.) Depends, which team? And would the freestyle battle be televised or just a friendly rap battle in a Taco Bell parking lot somewhere? Which one would make you more famous?
3.) Rob a bank. Do you have any idea how hard it would be to sell a stolen masterpiece and get away with it?
4.) New sports car. See reason 1.
5.) The ability to read people`s minds would literally drive you crazy after a while. Who wouldn`t want to be able to fly?
6.) Every instrument. I would rather make money sitting behind a piano than having to run all day or being chased by angry linebackers.
7.) This one`s stupid. But if I had to choose, I would have to say the Kanye twitter rant. People probably wouldn`t take it very seriously and immediately forget about it. A Taylor Swift song gets played over and over again on the radio at least 10 times a day.
Male 36
8.) Just one single date with Jennifer Lawrence? Then I choose all the pizza. Same reason as 1 and
9.) Fighting Justin Bieber would be so much fun. Kim Jong Un has an army. Win or lose, he`d still probably assassinate you.
10.) Sure, being a pirate seems like fun. But don`t forget you`d be stuck on a boat with limited food and water with a bunch of dirty pirates most of the time.
11.) You can put Nutella on almost anything and it would taste better.
Male 36
12.) The past. Who could resist becoming the world`s foremost psychic? You would be rich beyond imagination. The future is scary and uncertain.
13.) Harry Potter`s world. Forget magic and elves, or whatever. I would rather live in a world with modern technology.
14.) An X-box costs $500. A PS4 costs $400.
15.) Unless you lived on a farm or in a jungle, the ability to speak with animals is pretty useless. If you could communicate with animals, do you really think you could have any sort of meaningful conversation with them? What could you possibly have to talk about with a squirrel or a dog?
16.) Money. If you choose time, you would get bored after a while. You would have to get used to watching people you love die and things you like disappear. After a couple hundred years, you would probably pray for death.
Male 3,682
cant tell if this is a repost, or if i saw this on thechive.
Male 3
3)Bank (where do the art guys sell that stuff?)
4)New Car
5)Fly (I don`t wanna know what you people think)
6)Instruments (guitars gets chicks)
7)Don`t care
8)Pizza (it would be just one date. Pizza is forever)
9)Bieber (Un has a reason to be a douche, Bieber does not)
11)Doughnut (said in Homer voice)
12)[email protected]#KED either way
13)What as?
15)Language (Animals would seem retarded to us)
16)Money (then i really wouldn`t need time)
Male 11,739
1) The girl. The money isn`t fun without someone else around.
2) The TD. I don`t care about rap or rappers.
3) Bank robbery. The art would be harder to turn to cash.
4) Sports car. With that you could get a lot of girls that look as good as Kate.
5) Read minds. You could use the knowledge to get rich and do a lot of things.
6) Master instruments. You could get hurt in the sports.
7) Neither. Both are irrelevant.
8) Jennifer Lawrence. Pizza is good but she is better.
9) Either one, both are pussies.
10) Ninja. Pirate life wasn`t as glamourous as the movies.
11) Krispy Kreme. Nutella is good, but Krispy Kreme is better. It`s legal cocaine.
12) Future. I know what has already happened.
13) Unfair. drat you, I want both.
14) Xbox One. It is a sweet system that recognizes you.
15) Speak every language. It would be awesome to be able to talk to everyone.
16) Time, if it means immortality. It would be awesome to see how t
Female 631
1. 50k- more useful.
2. neither don`t really care
3. Bank robbery, laundering money is easier than black market dealing artwork.
4.A new sportscar? Nissan GTR. not a fan of kate upton.
5.this one is actually quite difficult, with mind reading the power easily obtained would be great, but I`d never be able to have a normal relationship with another person again. So I think I`ll go with flying.
6.Every instrument.
7.neither drat pop culture.
8. Ms. Lawrence. I`d rather not get sick of pizza.
9.Justin Bieber, Un will get himself killed.
10.Ninja, love me pirates but real life isn`t so johnny dep-ish.
11.oh god krispy kreme`s I`d get so fat.
12.Future, I`ve always wnated to see how the world will turn out.
13.Harry potter. Can still watch netflix that way.
14.PS4 just personal preference.
15.Any language, I doubt animals have any coherent to say.
16.All the time, Money can be lost or gained. Time is not so forgiving.
Male 7,833
50000 cash because i could use the money

beat eminem because i bet that would lead to a lot of money, and i could use the money

art heist because it is the stuff of legend

the lebaron, do i need to explain myself?

read minds, flying seems dangerous

instruments, way sexier i assume

probably taylor swift because that meant i was with taylor swift

jennifer lawrence, do i need an explanation

beiber, un would have me killed

ninja, because F&cking yeah

never had either so ill just go with the doughnuts

future, i already know what happened in the past

as long as im a magic user, it doesnt matter.

PS4, because i liked the PS3 better than 360

any language, i probably dont want to know what animals are saying

time, what good is all the money in the world if you dont have the time to spend it.
Female 2,761
Time is more precious then money.
Male 2,436
#7, I really don`t want either of these.
Male 2,548
5. Flight - So that I can get AWAY from people and their minds.
Female 8,043
Link: 16 `What Would You Choose?` Scenarios [Pic] [Rate Link] - So many choices so little time. Put your choices and your reasons why in the comments.