Steak House Or Gay Bar? [Pic+]

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A loooong time ago:
My Dad and I went to see a Hotel/bar in a small town: The Pink Flamingo (this is 30 years ago, my Dad wanted to invest in something off the beaten path, eh?).
(Plus he loved small towns!)

>During the day? it was a family restaurant & quiet bar.
>In the late afternoon? The mine workers came in for a beer.
>Early evening? BIKERS! Local bikers ALL met here every day of the week.
>After 11 pm? GAY BAR! The bikers wandered away and the fairies descended!

I`ve heard of several places like this: where "who goes there" depends entirely on the time of day.

In the end: He didn`t invest in it because it was far too "hands on" and required constant oversight. He ended up buying townhouses...
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I just clicked gay bar for each one and giggled the whole time. ^-^
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Yea, game of memorization!
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Code: *walks into a place, sits down*
Guy: *walks over and sits* "You have nice cheeks."
Code: "I guessed wrong again. This place better have steak or there`s gonna be trouble."
Guy: "You aren`t going to go all homophobic on us, are you?"
Code: "Not at all. I`m just f*cking hungry and want some beef!!"
The Whole Place: "AAAAAANND HOW!!!!"
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73% out of 50
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