10 Life Lessons From 10 Top Star Sluts [Pic]

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Name: Samantha Jones
LESSON: Haters To The Left
(Sex And The City)
Occupation: Public Relations Consultant
Slut Status: Samantha may have been the oldest of the Sex and The City quartet but that didn"t stop her from getting laid anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

Name: Paris Hilton
LESSON: Always Know The Right Thing To Say
Occupation: Celebrity / Reality TV Star
Slut Status: Most notably "famous for being famous,"
Paris came to fame after the release of her sex tape, "One Night In Paris."

Name: Chelsea Handler
LESSON: Juice Is To Vodka As Jelly Is To Peanut Butter
Occupation: Writer / Talk Show Host / Comedian / Slut
Slut Status: Chelsea is a funny lady who likes to bone. Her memoir "My Horizontal Life" chronicled her sex life and was a New York Times Bestseller.

Name: James Bond
LESSON: Even Sluts Need Hobbies.
(James Bond)
Occupation: Spy
Slut Status: C"mon. The famous spy 007 is known for his debonair looks and reputation as a ladies man.

Name: Hugh Hefner
LESSON: Follow You Dreams, Even If They Are Just Between The Sheets
Occupation: Playboy Founder / Genius
Slut Status: He founded Playboy. Enough said.

Name: Charlie Sheen
LESSON: Love Thyself. Win.
Occupation: Crazy Person / Actor
Slut Status: The fallen star lives in a house full of prostitutes.

Name: Regina George
LESSON: Compliment Your Friends. Even If You Don"t Mean It.
(Mean Girls)
Occupation: Queen Bee
Slut Status: She was only half a virgin when she met Aaron Samuels but after breaking up and getting back together, she cheated on him with Shane Oman.

Name: Tyrion Lannister
LESSON: You Better Own It . . . Whatever "It" Is
(Game of Thrones)
Occupation: Former Hand Of The King
Slut Status: The tiniest of the Lannister family also happens to be the most clever and the most slutty. Tyrion is known to hang around the brothels, winning the harlots over with his large brain and large endowments . . .

Name: Gabrielle Solis
LESSON: There Is Wisdom In Sluthood.
(Desperate Housewives)
Occupation: Housewife of a desperate nature
Slut Status: When her husband began to neglect her she started having an affair with her teenage gardener.

Name: Marilyn Monroe
LESSON: Daytime Is For Working. Nighttime Is For Everything Else.
Occupation: Actress / Fierce Lady
Slut Status: The iconic actress may have played ditzy blonds onscreen but was highly intelligent off. Still, she was known for her slew of famous boyfriends and affair with President John F. Kennedy.

Who doesn"t love a slut? Who hasn"t been a slut (at least once)? Slutastic advice from celebrity sluts.
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Hugh Hefner - Genius? Really? REALLY?
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No it was made by SLUTS!
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Was this made by someone who never had sex?
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"Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school."

--Sandra Fluke
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Name: Jerry Van Nuys
Lesson: Sluts increase employment
Occupation: Porn Producer
Slut Status: Provert [Professional Pervert]

"If not for sluts, I`d be out of a job."
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Damn! Sluts!
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@ sbeelz - You have free will to choose who your obligations are to, but your sense of self comes from your obligations. You are defined by them. Are you a husband, brother, father? Policeman, waiter, lawyer? All of those obligations add up. They say how you are. Your personal honour is tied to them.

But YOU, capital letters YOU get to diced who your obligations are to. You`re not a slave, you have free will.
Male 253
I love sluts! I like it when they slut it up all over my junk.
Male 15,832
Like I`ve always said, sluts make the world a better place. That`s why I was so offended when Rush Limbaugh called that loathsome despicable parasite Sandra Fluke a slut; it was an egregious insult to sluts.
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@Gerry- I don`t know who you`re talking to, but letting your obligations completely define your life can be a path of misery as well.

My personal experience has shown me that finding the balance between serving others and serving myself contributes to what I`d consider an incredibly pleasant existence. Although finding a profession that I enjoy and a spouse that enriches my life as much as I try to enrich hers certainly doesn`t hurt either.
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All that free-n-easy, do-as-you-like advice. The reality is you are not free even if you are easy. You are defined by your obligations. Are you a parent? Have a spouse? An employer? Employees? Your obligations to those people define who you are and all that "I`m a lovely little snowflake, free to do as I please" only leads to loneliness and heartache.

Wait... what was I saying? Have I lost the thread?
Well, I`m right anyway.
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