Hey, It`s The I-A-B Mods + Updated [Pics!]

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Screen Name:
Bored Since: September 2007
Site Status:Chairman of the Bored
Relationship Status: Confirmed swinger
Favorite famous quote:"Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little inside." --Gore Vidal
Location:Long Beach, California
Website: Fancylad"s Super Terrific Happy Funtime I-Am-Bored.com Facebook Fan Page
When I"m Not On I-A-B: I"m drinking, plotting, scheming, and napping.
Bio: The details of my life are quite inconsequential. I began as a fanzine (Titmose Monthly) writer in college, stealing paper supplies from the bank I used to work for. The editor-in-chief of the local alternative weekly found an issue of Titmouse at his local coffeehouse and offered me a regular column--my legit writing career took off from there. Then lots of things happened and now I"m the editor of I-A-B.
Favorite music: The Smiths, Joy Division, Nick Cave
, Fugazi, Lush, French pop, Interpol, Cocteau Twins and The Ramones.
Favorite Literature:"Get in the Van" by Henry Rollins
Favorite Movie/TV:
Rushmore, The Graduate,Sixteen Candles, 1976 Bad News Bears, Wet Hot American Summer, Harold & Maude
Favorite Beverage: A fine dirty martini, Stoli, silver tequila, and any bonged beer.
Favorite I-A-B Post: Literally way too many to pick from, but as of right now, I waver between Baby Monkey on a Pig and The Children Medieval Band.
Favorite Part Of My Day: My fappitory time.
Least Favorite Part Of My Day:5:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time
Favorite Achievement: The fact that no one"s caught on yet.
Favorite Team:
Turn-Ons: Stewing in my own juices, Misanthropy, Thinking about yesteryear, Passive aggression, Googling ex-girlfriends, hardcore amature pornography, revenge, a negative "were all in this together" attitude, and Primetimekin"s mom.
Turn-Offs:People that just don"t get over it already, I-A-B"s clunky 2001-era layout that"s completely out of my hands, I-A-B pop-unders--all out of my hands.
If I could kill one person, it would be: I-A-B"s competitors.
Favorite I-A-B moment: When I finally convinced J-Dog to get rid of the Meebo bar.


Screen name: Davymid
Site status:Senior Site Moderator
Bored since:2004
Favorite famous quote:"It"s better to regret something you did, then something you didnt do."
Location:Canada (but I"m from Ireland, yet I"m British--long story.)
Website: Coming soon...
I"m a professional exploration geophysicist working for a major oil company. I have a PhD and I"m a published author of several science journals. No, seriously.
When Im not on I-A-B, I"m:In ur sub-surface, finding ur oilz.
Favorite music: Pearl Jam, Jimi, The Zep.
Turn-ons:Funnies, smart people, surfing (the real kind), guitar, and all things science.
Turn-offs:Blind idiotic patriotism, people who bitch incessantly like the world owes them a living, Primetimekin.

Favorite team: Whoever"s playing against Manchester F-ing United.
If I could kill one person, it would be: Barney
Favorite movie/TV: Lord of the Rings/Q.I.
Favorite literature: Tolkien, Lovecraft, Steinbeck
Favorite I-A-B moment: Anything involving shooting down mouth-breathing, sky-mumbling, God-bothering Young Earth Creationists. In particular, the inception of The Overmann Medal, awarded for Unselfish Services to Rational Free Thought in the Face of Overwhelming Idiocy.


Screen name: Kitteh9Lives
Site status: Super Deluxe Extreme Maximum Site Mod
Bored since: August 1, 2009-- I lurk you long time.
Location: Flori-Duh
Website: Coming soon...
Favorite famous quote: "Bacon tastes good, porkchops taste good." --Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction
Bio: Born in Alabama. Grew up on a farm. Ran away to the big city and joined the circus, where I starred as the headlining act "Cat Woman of Borneo" for quite sometime (my real name is Cat). Later, after we toured the world extensively, I then became a shipping magnate. Unfortunately my empire was lost entirely when I was sued in a case that would later become known as the "Tricky Toybox Trial" (very sad time in my life... sniffle) Suddenly everything got boring! I opened a wholesale business, from my home, dealing primarily with fund raising for schools and charities. This left me with too much time to burn and boredom galore, but finally the lights shone down from the heavens and I was shown the way... I discovered I-A-B. After several beatings and some incriminating photographs I was coerced into becoming a mod.
When I"m not on I-A-B, I"m: Thinking about getting on I-A-B FML.
Favourite music: Korn, Seether, Heavy Metal, ROCK, jazz... anything with a banjo=)
Favourite literature: Marvel and DC
Turn-ons: Intelligence with a smattering of nerd.
Turn-offs: Rudeness.
Favourite team: The I-A-B MOD TEAM! Whoot!
If I could kill one person it would be: The person that installed the cursing monitor on the I-A-B comments.
Favourite TV/Movie: Dexter, Any Sci-Fi Movie with the word "Star" in the title.
Favorite Part Of My Day: When boredom is relieved.
Least Favorite Part Of My Day: When boredom sets in.
Favorite Achievement: Fostering/Rehabilitating rescued animals.
Favourite I-A-B moment: When I made my first comment and also getting an actual email from fancylad (I thought he wasn"t "real", wow was I wrong.)


Screen name: CobraKiller
Site status:Content Mod (and the site"s sexiest eligible bachelor)
Bored since:April 2009 officially, but I"ve been coming here for years
Favorite famous quote:"Let"s drink until we can"t feel feelings anymore!" --Peter Griffin
Location:Marquette, MI (originally from Detroit, MI)
Website:If I had one, I probably wouldn"t be on here every day.
Bio:I was born a poor black child... no wait... erm... OK, here it goes. I was born a poor white child on the southwest side of Detroit. I was born to a 16-year-old single mother, who at the time was still a virgin (kind of). You see, in the beginning of the world there were only two energies and nothing else. The good and evil were all that was. They began onopposite sides of the universe but were constantly drawn to each other. After more time than we could ever fathom, the collided and thus the universe was born. 13.5 billion years later on October 30, 1987 at 12:03am they finally split apart and birthed the being who would someday rule the universe. Your God, me.
When I"m not on I-A-B:I am in class, at work, writing, studying my martial arts, hanging with friends, etc.
Favorite Music:I"ve got Beiber Fever, of course. In reality I listen to a little bit of everything, no beef with any style.
Turn-ons: Nerdy girls who are cute as hell, but just don"t know it yet.
Turn-offs: Hot girls who know their hot and fake girls.
Favorite team: Not a big sports fan, so I"m just going to say Jacob.
If I could kill one person: My father, he"s held his throne in Hell long enough.
Favorite movie/TV show: Not really picky on movies, I love a lot of horrible ones. I don"t really watch a whole lot of television.
Favorite literature: I"ve always been a fan of King, Poe, Dickinson, Faulkner there is something seriously wrong with me.
Favorite I-A-B moment: The day my name turned Green, my life became complete.


Screenname: Baalthazaq
Site status:Asiamod
Bored since: February 17, 2007 or June 13, 1983--whichever comes first.
Location:Dubai, UAE
Favorite famous quote: Coming soon...
Bio: Born in the UK to parents that are Italian, Iranian, Emirati and English, moved around between the Middle East and the UK all my life. I married an American Geekgirl I met online. I"m not as religious as people seem to think, it"s just my favourite debate topic. I sometimes talk too much. No two pictures of me look the same. I studied Artificial Intelligence in Uni where I built a fairly massive social simulation for testing counter-terrorism methods. I went on to do Market/Investment/Risk Analysis before getting back to into IT last year. I"m currently trying to build a proper D&D/Roleplaying community in Dubai, but my absolute passion is standup comedy which I"ve also been doing for the last year, and so far it has been going awesomely (3 TV appearances so far, woohoo!).
Favourite music: Anything from classic rock to jazz, to bluegrass, to the occasional British rap and hip hop.
Favourite literature: Douglas Adams! Dirk Gently"s Holistic Detective Agency.
When I"m not on I-A-B, I"m: Videogaming, roleplaying, doing stand-up comedy, or working.
Turn-ons: Mrs. Baalthazaq and Yavonne Strahovski. Preferably together. Hi if you"re watching, Yavonne!
Turn-offs: Watching Americans and Arabs argue as if they"re different. I-A-Bs 1,000-character limit though it"s probably for the best.
Favourite team:Newcastle United.
If I could kill one person it would be: M. Night Shyamalan for what he did to Airbender.
Favourite TV/Movie: HIGNFY or WLIIA for TV / All Jackie Chan movies.
Favourite I-A-B moment: My first ever ban hammering of a spammer.


Screen name: Vitaliy
Site status: Chat mod
Bored since: 2008
Favorite famous quote: "I am so clever that sometimes I don"t understand a single word of what I am saying." --Oscar Wilde
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Website: Dirtydickscrabs.com

Bio: In Moscow born and raised, in the Gulag is where I spent most of my days. Chillin" out, laboring, relaxing all cool, shooting capitalist pigs by the pool. When Gorbachev came, and was up to no good, started promoting Democracy in my neighborhood. I got in one little revolution and my country became afraid, said we"re movin" away from Communism like we had back in the day.
When Im not on I-A-B, I"m: With friends, in college.
Favorite music: Anything except newer country and smooth "elevator music" jazz.
Turn-ons: Primetimekin"s mom
Turn-offs: Megan Fox"s nose job
Favorite team: GOOOOOOO CARDINALS! (Not the baseball team, baseball sucks)
Favorite TV/Movies: Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, anything that"s good
Favorite literature: Would you kill me if I said Dan Brown"s Angels and Demons--The Lost Symbol trilogy?
Favorite I-A-B moment: Being not bored anymore.


Screen name: almightybob1
Site Status: Site Moderator
Bored Since: May 2006 apparently.
Favorite famous quote: "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it." --Winston Churchill
Location: Bonny Scotland.
Bio: Born and raised in Glasgow, through to Edinburgh for university. I have one BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering under my belt, and I"m currently working on a second in Mathematics. I like PC games, rock music, playing guitar, sci-fi and fantasy books, getting drunk with my friends, and occasionally winning at squash. During the summer, I come back to Glasgow and work in a vodka bar. One fateful day I was so bored, I Googled "I am bored" to see what would come up, and I here I am.
When I"m not on I-A-B, I"m: Partaking in some other form of procrastination.
Favourite Music: Most types of rock. Anything from Muse to Machine Head.
Turn-ons: Good grammar. A playfully mean sense of humour. Laphroaig.
Turn-offs: Reality TV. A scouse accent (Liverpool, for the non-Brits). Shopping the way girls do.
Favourite team: Celtic FC. Hail hail!
If I could kill one person it would be: Only one?? Then I suppose it would have to be the offensive waste of oxygen that is Nick Griffin.
Favourite TV/Movie: Lord of the Rings, 24, Spooks, Game of Thrones,
Favourite Literature: The works of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Iain M. Banks and Christopher Brookmyre.
Favourite I-A-B moment: Too many to choose from: Ban-hammering my first spammer, many hilarious nights on chat, Maddog"s meltdown, some excellent and enjoyable back-and-forths with AJ, CJ and Baal, my hoodie arriving...

The bios of Weeray and Fancys_Asst coming soon...

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