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Date: 09/15/05 02:01 AM

12 Responses to Ancient Astronauts

  1. Profile photo of buddy
    buddy Male 30-39
    10116 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 12:50 am
    Link: Ancient Astronauts - Another take on the whole Intelligent Design debate.
  2. Profile photo of strangergoat
    strangergoat Female 18-29
    588 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 2:04 am
    Yes... that`s plausible...
  3. Profile photo of theBSR
    theBSR Male 30-39
    992 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 2:14 am
    OK i get it, BUSH is an Alien......VERY funny lol
  4. Profile photo of Dragonlord
    Dragonlord Male 18-29
    734 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 3:19 am
    Who the h3ll cares? Honestly. I mean, assume that we were put here by aliens. What does it matter? How is it going to change our lives in even the slightest way?

    And besides, the fact that they consider the moon a planet sorta proves that they`re crazy. Why not include all the moons of Saturn and Jupiter? They`re much larger than our moon, one`s the size of Earth itself.

    Here`s my theory: We were created by the Great Ameoba in the Sky, who then said "aw, [email protected], I screwed up again, these [email protected] are so primative they`d elect their evolutionary inferior as their leader" and then went to another planet to create a species that was actually civilized.

  5. Profile photo of cnlbell
    cnlbell Female 18-29
    420 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 4:41 am
    I found alot of errors in some of their descriptions of tablets and carvings. One being a temple relief that is of the ancient Babylonian religion that worshipped a god called Dagon. They claim that relief is of "Dogon Gods" from a tribe in Africa. Which is really lame because the relief is clearly Babylonian in style, definately not African.


  6. Profile photo of fk
    fk Male 70 & Over
    953 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 7:01 am
    Well it does talk about reptilian aliens. So there`s a plausible angle to the Bush theory, at the least. :-)
  7. Profile photo of shabufala
    shabufala Male 13-17
    254 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 11:44 am
    that make me dumbbber
  8. Profile photo of mooseyfate
    mooseyfate Male 13-17
    851 posts
    September 15, 2005 at 6:25 pm
    I believe that evolution was intelligently designed
    think about it

    (NOTE: when you say `think about it` after stating your opinions, it really doesn`t accomplish anything)

  9. Profile photo of tedweird
    tedweird Male 18-29
    298 posts
    September 19, 2005 at 7:00 pm
    some of things were soooooooo fake, and the `reptillian sumerian god` looks to be a human with a VULTURE`S head, an idea the Egypians also used. however, the Egypians had to have had help on the pyramids, the technology of those times shows us this, same goes for the sudden uprise of civilization a few centuries before.
  10. Profile photo of kitz
    kitz Female 18-29
    149 posts
    November 20, 2005 at 10:27 pm
    Its too much for me to read....
  11. Profile photo of kmdavis85
    kmdavis85 Female 18-29
    605 posts
    November 20, 2005 at 10:45 pm
    I`m telling you, Stargate is REAL, hahah.
  12. Profile photo of redskyblack2
    redskyblack2 Female 18-29
    203 posts
    December 7, 2006 at 5:27 am
    i find it funny that they had to point out which was the sun..

    Okay, so Pluto is no longer a planet, and NOW we have a twelvth planet?

    Lord save us. Er, for that matter, Drogon save us!!

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