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Date: 01/01/05 09:32 PM

11 Responses to Stupid Elephant Tricks

  1. Profile photo of buddy
    buddy Male 30-39
    10116 posts
    January 1, 2005 at 9:31 pm
    Link: Stupid Elephant Tricks - Some amazing elephant tricks.


  2. Profile photo of hazy_clear
    hazy_clear Female 18-29
    92 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 2:00 am
    lol I love how you say:
    "Stupid Elephant Tricks- Some amazing elephant tricks"
  3. Profile photo of JLiu
    JLiu Female 30-39
    863 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 2:08 am
    Yes because abusing them and making them do manual labor is not enough. Lets further strip them of the little dignity they have left by having then do tricks. Sorry, but this is a hot button issue with me. Anyone else who has traveled overseas and seen how elephants are treated in Asia, Africa, Asian Minor, etc. will understand.
  4. Profile photo of pandapo0h
    pandapo0h Female 18-29
    242 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 3:11 am
  5. Profile photo of Homer1234
    Homer1234 Male 18-29
    597 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 4:25 am
    I think that is cruel.
  6. Profile photo of Dat1Rican
    Dat1Rican Male 18-29
    263 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 5:19 am
    WOW...Elephants r smart.
  7. Profile photo of Wildcat07070
    Wildcat07070 Female 13-17
    2035 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 10:08 am
    Wow! I wonder how long it took for it to learn all those tricks.
  8. Profile photo of short_stop
    short_stop Female 13-17
    85 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 3:36 pm
    i thought he was cute!

    and if it was cruel to the animal, the elephant would of attacked by now...there smart

  9. Profile photo of hazy_clear
    hazy_clear Female 18-29
    92 posts
    January 2, 2005 at 8:41 pm
    I dont think its cruel...they dont punish them when they dont do tricks, they reward them when it does a trick....the elephant is doing that of its own free will and it looked happy
  10. Profile photo of jwcgator
    jwcgator Male 18-29
    46 posts
    January 4, 2005 at 9:05 am
    Wow. That really puts the icing on the, " I wasted 45 seconds of my life" cake, if there ever was one.
  11. Profile photo of Stingray955
    Stingray955 Male 13-17
    163 posts
    January 11, 2005 at 1:52 pm

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