Ink-blot Test Wallpaper

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A collection of interesting and bizzare ink-blot tests.
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Female 392
I had only typed a few when scrolled down there were many more to come
Female 392
16)2 monsters made out of black dust breathing in fire
17)A weird little cartoonish creature holding drumsticks
18)A skull tree shooting balls of fire
19)A dark sorceror holding his arms up wearing a crown which smoke is coming out of
20)Frogs being streached and contorted by fire
21)Little men sitting on a hill
22)On either side a dead corpse suspended on a tree scaring a little kid
23)A solid peice of modern art made out of a plastic mixture
24)2 jiggly mosters sliding up bamboo trees
25) A giant canyon on Mars
Female 392
1) 2 women standing around a man who is pooping out a baby
2)2 Aliens staring at eachother breathing in evil fumes
3)Ancient writing around an ancient statue
4)A frustrated baby with a giant round head
5)The legs of 2 ballet dancers danicing in puddles of rain
6)Some sort of sea crustacean like a hourseshoe crab or something
7)2 mountains made out of the black shiny rock that comes out of volcanoes
8)A magical storm of light and fire
9)A evil alien sending death rays through its eyes or 3 dimensional water that doesn`t make sense
10)2 orbs in space with clouds around them, in the middle space is folding over itself
11)A cat skan or X ray of a person`s chest showing all the blood and guts
12)2 gross worm like germs about to infect someone
13)A place with a lot of rocks and vines etc with liquid fire rushing over it
14)Water splashing over a places made out of a person`s thin bones, ground and rock
15)A magical ball resting at the bottom of a cl
Female 392
ahhh I just typed out what all of them looked like and then pressed refresh by mistake! ARRGGG
Female 496
They always look like pictures of the pelvis region to me... or a uterus/fallopian tubes/vagina.

Except the first one, it looks like a skull thingie.

Male 1
1. Loafs of bread riding a faris wheel
2. Skunks crawling inside of human skulls
3. Lucky Charms cereal floating in the air and hovering over 2 kids that are fighting.
4. A chinese person spying on someone through a window
5. hell
6. 2 frozen people
7. people with abdominal pain blaming eachother for stuff
9. A tornado with a face
10. Chinese water torture/mounted heads on the wall
11. "Sand People" from star wars sinking in quick sand.
12. people with fly paper for arms
13. people in straight jackets terrifyed of a snow angel
14. A splattered fly on a windshied making a sarcastic face
15. A weird tribal mask
16. The Jetson`s maid robot looking at it`s self in the mirror.
17. A chineese woman breast feeding twins and the twin`s heads explode
18. the universe!
19. seahorses and an octopus
20. aliens trying to pick a car lock and baby aliens watching
21. an ultra sound of tripplets
22. A man wading through water
Female 49
Wow, this guy actually suggests wallpapering your house with these...I think it would make me dizzy to have this stuff all over my wall, or at the very least I`d feel like a mental patient all the time.
Female 1,340
OK here we go

1. A skull grinning at me with a silly antler hat on
2. two aliens talking or looking at eachother
3. a rainbow of numbers or letters
4. the back of bald mans heat (or an egg cell)
5. A long hall way grandly decorated
6. an arrow head
7. some weird indian thing
8. lava or pit of firey hell
9. two fishing lines under water
10. um I think of piss or cum or something wet and drippy
11. angel fish
12. flagella
13. if anything a pelvic bone
14. christmas bells
15. a fountain
16. two gay men spraying themselves with a hose
17. a drum
18. a crazy penis with too many piercings
19. some guy sitting indian postion with clubs
20. two clouds of smoke with froggies at the bottom
21. dead babies going down a slide into some dark pit
22. smeared crap
23. MC Eshcer
24. two skinny trees
25. tree of sort.

Male 1,033
crown, people talking, dolphins, egg, ovaries, snake, angels, foxes, drum, zebra?, Eagle, worms, woman in hat, like FF8 sorceres, dunno, eyes in dark, two people with crab arms reaching out to each other, two happy people holding hands, 2 mountainclimbers, an industrial chimney, fire, aliens, a guy leaning on a tree talking with a girl with long hair, a wicker basket, a woman`s face, a starfish.

There we go, am I sane? :-)

Female 392
Those are amazing looking.
Female 493
either that or pelvic bones.
Female 493
They always looked like gentialia to me...
Female 31
They`re beautiful!
Female 390
Ink blots make me nervous.
Male 10,115
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