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World’s First Head Transplant Set For September

A Russian computer scientist suffering from a rare genetic disease has decided he’d like to try a new body on if science and medicine will allow for it.
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Date 08/23/16 01:50 PM

Tokyo 2020

The Prime Minister of Japan as Mario, what more can I add to that?
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Date 08/23/16 09:19 AM

Why do Furries Exist?

A video on how Furries came to be any why do they exist.
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Date 08/23/16 09:16 AM

10 Racist Celebrities

Some of Hollywoods glitziest stars have slipped from the red carpet and straight to the Z-list after revelations of their racist outbursts.
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Date 08/23/16 08:34 AM

Recoil – Incubus.

off one of the darkest albums. to me this album and massive attack mezzanine are spirital cousins
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Date 08/23/16 12:00 AM

for kalron.

no lyrics just synths
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Date 08/22/16 11:43 PM

Loaded Hunter S. Thompson Kind Of Interviews Loaded Keith Richards [Video]

How in the hell did these two people write the songs and copy they did, as completely and utterly blasted out of their minds as they were? Does either Keith or Thompson utter one complete thought, much less one complete sentence throughout this interview?
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Date 08/22/16 07:21 PM

As Powerful As Morphine Without The Harm

A new promising drug could very well invite itself on to the WHO’s “Model Lists of Essential Medicines” in the soonish future?
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Date 08/22/16 12:58 PM

Meet Europe’s Oldest Known Living Inhabitant

A Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii) growing in the highlands of northern Greece has been dendrocronologically dated to be more than 1,075 years old.
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Date 08/22/16 07:39 AM

Shitposting for God

If you're this religious, just stop it. This is too far.
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Date 08/22/16 12:47 AM