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Anthony Weiner Visits His Campaign Headquarters

Weiner Has Been Found On Hillary Clinton’s Email Servers

More reports of another round of emails found by the FBI related to its closed investigation of Hillary's private email server. This time, the emails are from Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma.
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Date 10/28/16 12:25 PM

Will Smith’s Son, Jaden Is A Fucking Idiot

And this is what happens when your parents care more about hiding their repressed sexuality and less about your kids (who famously have never had any sort of schooling in their lives).
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Date 10/26/16 06:08 PM

Do We Really Need Big Mega Banks?

When Chase swallowed up my Washington Mutual account I sent them packing and headed for my credit union. Most think large banks are bad news, but some love them.
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Date 10/26/16 05:43 AM