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Mid-Day Music Break: Die Antwoord + “Ugly Boy”

I adore everything that Ninja and Yolandi do, and even though this tune is a departure from their earlier stuff and the celeb cameos take me out of the song, this is still worth the click.
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Date 08/24/16 03:20 PM

An Earth-Like Planet Has Been Discovered Near Our Solar System

OK, so "near" is a relative word -- this unnamed planet is only 4.25 light-years away from Earth, but don't worry -- if there's a way to inhabit it and slowly destroy it with pollution and human wear-and-tear, we'll do it.
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Date 08/24/16 10:28 AM

Compete or Suckle

Should troubled nuclear reactors be subsidized?
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Date 08/24/16 07:57 AM

Trudeau vs. Brazeau

Charity Boxing with Canada's now PM (from 2012)
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Date 08/23/16 07:52 PM

The Laughing Man

A re-imagining of the Joker
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Date 08/23/16 03:33 PM

World’s First Head Transplant Set For September

A Russian computer scientist suffering from a rare genetic disease has decided he’d like to try a new body on if science and medicine will allow for it.
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Date 08/23/16 01:50 PM

Tokyo 2020

The Prime Minister of Japan as Mario, what more can I add to that?
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Date 08/23/16 09:19 AM

Why do Furries Exist?

A video on how Furries came to be any why do they exist.
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Date 08/23/16 09:16 AM