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UPDATE: The Washington Mall Shooter Has Been Arrested

That's Arcan Cetin's mugshot, taken last night after he was arrested for strolling into a mall, opened fire, and killed five seemingly innocent bystanders. Looks pretty pleased with himself, doesn't he?
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Date 09/25/16 08:05 AM

Seth Meyers Defends Jimmy Fallon Going Soft And Limp For Trump Last Week

Seth Meyers​ is definitely a company man... to a certain extent. He'll crap all over Trump during his show's monologue, but then leads one to believe that Jimmy Fallon​ grabbing ass with Donald J. Trump​ is A-OK. Don't blame Meyers or Fallon though, these two puppets' strings are pulled by Lorne Michaels.
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Date 09/23/16 12:26 PM
“The Runaway,” Norman Rockwell, 1958. Oil on canvas, 35 3/4" x 33 1/2'" Cover illustration for “The Saturday Evening Post,” September 20, 1958. Norman Rockwell Museum Collections. ©1958 SEPS: Curtis Publishing, Indianapolis, IN

Fuck You, I’m a Cop

That moment when what you said on camera doesn’t line up with what you wrote in your report.
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Date 09/22/16 05:38 AM