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Happy 36th Birthday To Christina Ricci And Her Nipples [16 Pics]

Just a post honoring the birthday of Christina Ricci and all the mammaries -- ahem -- *memories* she's given us over the years. [NSFW if you have a problem with covered nipples.]
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Date 02/12/16 04:15 PM

Dude, Where’s My Van: Southern NASCAR Mommy Edition [Pic]

Every NASCAR-loving, rifle-toting, Coach-bag carrying, southern mommy's worst nightmare.
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Date 02/12/16 03:54 PM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #17 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/12/16 03:27 PM

Charlotte Dial Wins For Shittiest Teacher Of The Year [Video]

This first-grade teacher goes off on a pretty sweet student, just because the kid answered a question wrong in front of the class. You know this isn't her first time losing it.
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Date 02/12/16 01:12 PM

Bill Murray Throws Fan’s Cellphone Off Roof In Anger

Uh oh. Last night, Bill Murray grabbed a cellphone from a patron in the same rooftop bar he was at and heaved it off the roof. Justified?
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Date 02/12/16 12:30 PM

Meanwhile In Ireland: Drunk Guys Moving A Couch Edition [Video]

Two drunk Irishmen come up with the smart idea of moving a sofa from one end of the village to the other... Sounds like a the beginning of a dirty Irish limerick.
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Date 02/12/16 08:18 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #762 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Thanks for your continued support, I-A-B. Keep your mouses at the ready for fresh, new posts all day long. TGIF!
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Date 02/12/16 07:56 AM

Guy Does A Perfect Imitation Of A Nightclub Bouncer [Video]

His only flaw is he didn't charge an entry fee, otherwise, the perfect crime.
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Date 02/12/16 07:16 AM

You Know He Dead: Teen Redneck In A Dune Buggy Edition [Vine]

The horn fading off into oblivion makes this.
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Date 02/12/16 07:03 AM

Prostitute Complains About Client Who “Finished” Too Quickly [Video]

This hooker complains her john finished too quickly, and she didn't have any fun. Guess she doesn't get how the whore-client relationship works. [NSFW language]
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Date 02/12/16 06:48 AM

OK Go: Upside Down & Inside Out [HD Video]

OK Go's newest music video, set in zero gravity in an airplane in flight -- no CGI or computer trickery. You might want to turn the volume down.
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Date 02/12/16 06:42 AM

Baby’s Got Big Pimp Problems [Vine]

When your whore says she only turned one trick all night, but you know she blew at least 10 guys.
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Date 02/11/16 04:38 PM

This Guy Spent A Year Throwing Eggs At His Mom [Video]

And he recorded every time he did it. Mom must be a pretty good sport.
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Date 02/11/16 04:09 PM

Blind Guy Has 9 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Blind [Photo]

Hmm. Even with all those "benefits," I'd still want my sight (and a couple of those reasons are stretching it anyway).
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Date 02/11/16 03:34 PM

People Are ANGRY Because Meryl Streep Said, “We’re All Africans” [Video]

Uh oh. Looks like the Oscar-winning actor got herself it trouble for calling us all Africans because you know, we're all the same? That's all it took to set off the tongue-cluckers and finger-waggers.
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Date 02/11/16 02:48 PM

Dog (Who Is Smarter Than Most Of Us) Figures Out How To Fish [Video]

Give this dog credit -- he figured out how to bait fish up to the surface of the water for easy pickings. Good job, fella.
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Date 02/11/16 02:15 PM
10. Oh my god, those girls are going to feel so ridiculous when they realize they're not wearing pants.

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #761 [Pics]

[Mid-Day Edition] Hey, I-A-B -- thanks again for your unconditional support of the site. I'm cranking out more posts all day. XOXO, Fancy
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Date 02/11/16 01:37 PM

Cosmopolitan Magazine Tells Women To Not Date Gun Owners [Video+]

Because women are dumb, and need Bloomberg Group and Cosmo to tell them how to live. Apparently, women still need to be told who to marry -- just like the olden days. Progress?
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Date 02/11/16 12:14 PM

Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves: Theory Of Relativity Confirmed

As of this morning, a team of physicists confirmed that Einstein's theory of relativity is legit.
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Date 02/11/16 11:01 AM

Thailand Tourist Withdrawing Cash From An ATM, No Big Deal [Pic]

This has the making of an incredibly awesome vacation or the time grandpa lost his retirement fund.
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Date 02/11/16 06:58 AM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #16 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/11/16 06:53 AM

Girl Asks Her Disabled, Wheelchair-Bound Friend To Prom [Video]

Is it dusty in here? I swear, these aren't tears, it's the dust... and the chopped onions!
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Date 02/11/16 06:51 AM

Greatest Super Bowl Party Ever: Craigslist Edition [Pic]

You've never been to a Super Bowl party until you've been to a Super Bowl party with a horny, black-out drunk clown.
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Date 02/11/16 06:40 AM
4. The Michael Bay sequel is going to kick so much ass.

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #760 [Pics]

[PM Edition] Thanks once again for your continued support, I-A-B. Keep on being awesome and stay tuned for more posts...
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Date 02/10/16 07:38 PM

T-Shirt Of The Day: Never Apologize For Being Right [Pic]

Full disclosure: This isn't 'T-Shirt of the Day' for the shirt, it's for the woman's perfect reaction.
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Date 02/10/16 06:32 PM

Creepy Teacher Gets Busted Facebook Stalking Student? [Pics]

Nope, it's just a teacher demonstrating how easy it is for personal info can be found online (which is exactly what a creeper would want you to think).
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Date 02/10/16 05:45 PM

Reporter Bashed For Her View On Beyonce Super Bowl Message [Video

Tomi Lahren is being slammed online for her opinion that Beyonce used a violent civil rights group (The Black Panthers) to provoke racial tensions, and thinks the "Black Lives Matter" people are wrong.
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Date 02/10/16 03:15 PM

That One Tree On Penn State’s Campus: Winter Edition [Pic]

By the way, those things that look like leaves on that tree? They're all bats.
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Date 02/10/16 03:03 PM

Johnny Depp In “Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie” [Video]

Funny Or Die just released a 50-minute "made for TV movie" starring Johnny Depp as Donald Trump and it's a surreal and brain-exploding as one might thing.
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Date 02/10/16 02:09 PM

Man Sets World Record For Smashing Plates On His Head [Video]

For cripes sake, why won't someone call a doctor -- this guy's gonna kill himself!
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Date 02/10/16 01:57 PM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #15 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/10/16 10:35 AM
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Date 02/10/16 09:40 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #759 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Good morning, I-A-B -- thanks for your ongoing support. Keep coming back today for new posts all day long. XOXO, Fancy
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Date 02/10/16 09:09 AM

How to Land a 737 Airplane… Just In Case [Video]

If you ever happen to be in a situation where you have to land a large commercial airplane, this video just might save your life. It's a how-to from an experience pilot.
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Date 02/10/16 08:34 AM

Trump Crushes Opponents Last Night In First Real Win [Video]

And with his 34% of last night's New Hampshire vote, he finally got to give his very first victory speech. Yes, it was as unfiltered and boisterous as you'd expect.
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Date 02/10/16 07:49 AM

36 Photos Of Times When People Were A-Holes [Pics]

[I-A-B Partner] There are very few things more satisfying than spotting newly-branded business in old buildings that used to be something else.
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Date 02/10/16 07:41 AM

Bernie Beats Hillary In Last Night’s New Hamp. Primary [Video]

Sanders trounced Clinton with 60% of the vote compared to the former secretary of state’s 38%. It's not over yet, but you can't help but notice a wave of momentum of Sanders.
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Date 02/10/16 07:09 AM

50 Photos That Prove Why Pizza Is The Greatest Food Ever [50 Pics]

It's National Pizza Day, I-A-B and there's still plenty of time in the day to celebrate.
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Date 02/09/16 06:21 PM

This Football Game > Super Bowl 50 [Video]

The choice is yours, I-A-B. Either Peyton Manning boring the crap out of you with a tepid win, or Debbie Reynolds being adorable in 1953.
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Date 02/09/16 03:37 PM

A Snow Creature Has Been Spotted In Spain? [Pic & Video]

I'm not sure if this is a Sasquatch, Bigfoot, or a Yeti, but it's certainly not a human form. I just hope this isn't a horrible viral marketing prank.
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Date 02/09/16 03:06 PM

Foam-Tipped Arrows Are Killing The LARP Community [Video]

IT'S REAL TO ME, DAMMIT! This guy's making a plea to you to help save the LARP world from losing an important element of the community: the foam-tipped arrow.
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Date 02/09/16 02:39 PM

The Aww Of The Day: Baby Doesn’t Get His Dad Is A Twin [Video]

If you watch carefully, you can see the point where the baby's brain asplodes.
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Date 02/09/16 02:15 PM

US Intelligence Official: ISIS Will Attack The US In 2016 [Oh Shit!]

Get ready, America: Director of Natl Intelligence James Clapper told a Senate Armed Services Committee that violent extremists will likely target the United States homeland in 2016.
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Date 02/09/16 02:07 PM

Can You Guess The 18 Macro Photos? [Quiz]

Take a shot at guessing long-time user Naz14's Macro photos! (I only got 12 of the 18. I suck. --Fancy)
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Date 02/09/16 01:43 PM

Question Of The Day: Beyonce’s “Formation” Lyrics: Racist Or Genius?

Beyonce's new song lyrics? Are they as bad as one thinks or are they genius? She claims to be black, yet she lightens her skin and wears unnatural blonde hair. Are these the lyrics of a role model?
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Date 02/09/16 10:10 AM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #14 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/09/16 09:51 AM

33 Photos Of The Crazy Girls Of Mardi Gras [Pics]

Happy Fat Tuesday, I-A-B! Mardi Gras starts today -- if you're not in New Orleans, these photos will give you a taste of what you're missing. [NSFWish]
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Date 02/09/16 08:57 AM

Donald Trump Basically Calls Ted Cruz A Pussy [Video]

Not one to pass on an insult, someone screams "Ted Cruz is a pussy" and while Trump didn't say it, he said it. Funny? Bad taste? Is he trying to get kicked off the ticket?
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Date 02/09/16 08:15 AM

Flint Resident Speaks On The Current Water Crisis [Video]

This woman explains how the current Flint, Michigan water crisis affects her family every day. Its's the only information you need on the issue. How are Flint officials not in prison yet?
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Date 02/09/16 08:05 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #758 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Thanks for your continued support, I-A-B. Working on a bunch of posts for you so stop by throughout the day.
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Date 02/09/16 07:09 AM