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Heroin Now Kills More Americans Than Gun Homicides

What's the deal wth heroin? What was so fashionable in the '90s, is back again in a big way. Pulp Fiction, Kurt Cobain, "heroin chic" models like James/Jaime King (pictured above) slinking down Parisian catwalks? Those were heroin's glory days... or were they?
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Date 12/09/16 08:48 AM

What’s In The Box?

Extremely complicated puzzle boxes have been around for a few hundred years. They’re an intricate and fascinating way to piss you off.
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Date 12/09/16 06:35 AM

Xerox Was Doing What With Traffic Tickets?

Ahhh conglomerations. If your city allows privatization of traffic tickets, you’re probably getting screwed over by Xerox.
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Date 12/08/16 05:50 AM