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Los Angeles City CouncilThe Highest Paid, Most Housing Crisis Corrupt

If you're looking to lobby against human rights for close to what the American President makes annually then the Los Angeles City Council is for you!
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Date 07/23/16 11:12 AM

These Sweet Glasses Are Light Years Ahead Of Google’s Glass Fiasco [Video]

Someone start a GoFundMe account for me so I can eventually afford these smart-phone-glasses. Plz K Thnx.
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Date 07/23/16 11:05 AM

[Follow-up] Cop Who Shot Man Lying Down, Shot Him To Save His Life

The North Miami cop who shot says he would do it all over again because that what he was trained to do. Why was the innocent gunshot victim handcuffed after though?
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Date 07/23/16 10:09 AM

[Daily Doc] Hype!: The Rise Of The Seattle Grunge Scene [Video]

The definitive doc on the early-'90s grunge scene. It's cool to see young Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and the other regulars, but it's more interesting to see the dozens of bands that never made it.
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Date 07/23/16 09:53 AM

The Archer Scavenger Hunt Is For Geniuses Like You [Pic]

‘Archer’ the TV show has put out a serious scavenger hunt for code crackers over general riddles to be solved.
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Date 07/23/16 08:28 AM

The Latinos Seemed Super-White At Trump’s RNC Speech, Right? [Pic]

This photo was shot this past Thursday night during Donald Trump's final speech during the Republican National Convention. I'm calling bullshit on this one.
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Date 07/23/16 08:26 AM

Never Pitch Your Tent In The Ground Again — It’s All Tension These Days [Video+]

A new concept to me, here’s a way to camp off the ground - up in the trees.
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Date 07/23/16 08:20 AM

Munish Shooting: Civilians And The Gunman Shout At One Another [Video]

Remember yesterday's Munich shootings? In this video, German civilians argue with the German-Iranian gunman moments before he goes on a shooting rampage that kills 9 people.
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Date 07/23/16 07:52 AM

Record High Antarctic Sea Ice Is Caused By Global Warming

More AGW hysteria and doomsday predictions as Antarctic Sea Ice expands over the past 14 years.
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Date 07/22/16 01:49 PM

9 Dead As Man Goes On Shooting Spree At A Munich Shopping [Video+]

This shooting incident comes hot off the heels of another German tragedy -- when Riaz Khan Ahmadzai hacked up a bunch of people in a German train, leaving two in serious condition.
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Date 07/22/16 12:47 PM

Massachusetts Gun Stores See Increase In Sales Before Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban

In Massachtusetts the AG announces new anti-gun laws to "fix loopholes". Yeah right!
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Date 07/22/16 11:03 AM

These Cats Think They’re People! (Best Commercial You’ll See All Week) [Video]

Grocery store doubled down on the power of the Internet and made an over-meme'd commercial... WITH CATS!!!!
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Date 07/22/16 10:48 AM

Did You Hear The Zika Virus In Was Found In Utah?

Some unnamed elderly person brought the Zika virus with them to Utah. Thanks, old person.
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Date 07/22/16 10:38 AM

Fashionistas Called Out For Blurring Lines Of Capitalism & Feminism

Another story about the fashion world using piggybacking on feminism to turn a profit.
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Date 07/22/16 10:18 AM

Australian Schools’ State Of Political Correctness Is Way Over The Top

As bad as people say American and Canadian public schools are, Australia comes hard with teh crazy! It will be interesting to see how that generation develops.
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Date 07/22/16 06:34 AM

The Basis of The Internet: Dark Humor, Pedantic Teens, And “Science” [Pics]

A click over to yet another waste bin of dark humored memes.
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Date 07/22/16 05:38 AM
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Date 07/22/16 04:27 AM

Trump Digs Deep To Get That LBGTQ Vote With Big Promises [Video]

"As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens!" --Donald Trump, about 15 minutes ago during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.
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Date 07/21/16 08:00 PM

I Just Got A Boner From Watching This Clip [Video]

Safe for work yet still so satisfying.
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Date 07/21/16 07:27 PM

Anonymous Congressman Publishes Hatred For Coworkers & Constituents

Someone working in the U.S. House of Representatives wrote an anonymous book confirming how they all really hate tomorrow's generations, the poors, and each other.
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Date 07/21/16 06:58 PM

Fuck ‘Em, They’re Prisoners, Let Them Live On Toxic Waste

Big crime, petty crime, employee of the institution, whatever. If you work in U.S. prisons expect to be contaminated.
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Date 07/21/16 06:55 PM

[The Daily Ariel] TBT: Ariel Gets Loose At The Wrap Party [Pic]

#ThrowbackThursday: Going all the way back to two weeks ago when our Ariel let off a little steam after a long day on set for "Dog Years."
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Date 07/21/16 06:19 PM

Potential Clinton VP Candidate Given ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Card

Thanks to the Obama administration, Julian Castro will live to break another law. It's not about what you look like, where you went to school, or what you do -- it's all about who you know.
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Date 07/21/16 05:08 PM

[The Daily Doc] “Hated: GG Allin And The Murder Junkies” [Video]

I love whatever this is -- I guess it's a look at a one of punk rock's true insane, avant garde artists. He deconstructed punk to its ugliest core -- a true dadaist without even knowing it. Some NSFW content.
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Date 07/21/16 04:58 PM

Why Do Some Cool Old Buildings Have Creepy Gargoyles On Them? [Pics]

Why did early architects stratigically place gargoyles all over the top of their tall buildings? Voodoo? Superstition? To ward off evil pigeons?
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Date 07/21/16 04:27 PM

Follow-up: Last Week’s German Axe Attacker? He Lied About Everything

Not from Afghanistan, not 17, not fleeing hardship. Is this is what happens when you open the borders to just anyone?
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Date 07/21/16 04:08 PM
1. Ladies' night!

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #821 [Pics]

Enjoy the photos while I go through your submissions, I-A-B. What a time to be alive, right? Stay tuned for more posts.
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Date 07/21/16 01:22 PM

Robin Williams Would Have Been 65 Today [Video]

Still miss this guy. Sorry about this clip, I probably should've gone with something happy and funny, but this movie clip from "World's Greatest Dad" seems to make sense today.
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Date 07/21/16 01:02 PM

Henry Rollins: “On My Bad Days, I Am Motivated By Vengeance”

A bit of an motivation speech from the mouth of Henry Rollins
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Date 07/21/16 12:08 PM

Is That Trump Speechwriter Meredith McIver A Real Person? [Pics+]

The Trump campaign sent out a statement saying that a long-time Trump employee, Meredith McIver, was responsible for the debacle, but many have doubts whether McIver actually exists.
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Date 07/21/16 11:23 AM

The Pokemon GO Power bottom Fetish Video We’ve All Been Waiting For [Video]

I honestly can't tell if this guy is pro-Pokemon GO or anti-Pokemon. Too many subtle layers.
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Date 07/21/16 11:15 AM

Donald Trump Jr. Trashes US Public Schools, Yet Never Attended One [Video]

Don Jr. goes hard on the public school system, specifically teachers who instruct the K through 12 kids. How much does Don Jr. know about the US school system other than what he hears on FOX News?
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Date 07/21/16 09:51 AM

That Cup Of Tea You’re Drinking Is Exactly Like Sex

Literally and metaphorically drawing an analogy to tea is how one clever British police department decided to explain consensual sex.
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Date 07/21/16 09:45 AM

Hillary and Donald, Long Lost Bloodlines of Royalty

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are more “Red Coat” than we’d have guessed.
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Date 07/21/16 09:28 AM

Are These Perpetual Motion Gadgets Legit Or Is Someone Trolling You? [Video]

Let's talk physics: Are these 'perpetual motion' machines designed to really work or are they fakes? And where do you install the batteries in these things?
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Date 07/21/16 06:47 AM

Another Black Guy Was Shot By A Cop Yesterday: Wash, Rinse, Repeat [Video+]

I'm not sure how much higher this guy could have raised his arms while he was laying on his back, but it wasn't enough because this Florida cop shot him because... uh, I guess because cops like shooting guns?
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Date 07/21/16 06:16 AM

One Single Atom Will Soon Be Able To Store The Entire Library Of Congress

Finally, enough storage for Volume 1 of my porn!
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Date 07/21/16 06:02 AM

Ted Cruz Was Booed Off The Stage After Refusing to Endorse Trump Last Night

And then Cruz was humiliated when Trump entered the arena during his speech, shifting all focus away from the stage. This is what happens when you don't endorse Trump.
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Date 07/21/16 05:12 AM

The One Million Dollar Star Trek “Fan Film” That CBS Wants To Stop [Video]

Star Trek fan films have existed for almost as long as Star Trek has. But what happens when they are actually pretty good?
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Date 07/20/16 05:04 PM

Bosnian Pokemon GO Players May Soon Be Losing Limbs, Lives During Gameplay

Right, that's a minefields with live mines -- but look, a Snorlax!
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Date 07/20/16 03:32 PM

Not Everyone Hates Pokemon GO As Much As You And Your Bitter Heart Does [Pic]

It's nice to know there are still a few cool people out there...
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Date 07/20/16 03:19 PM

A Guy And His Life-Sized “Real Doll” Sex Toy Walk Into A Movie Theater… [Pics]

If you think going to the movies or a restaurant by yourself, maybe you should consider investing in a Real Doll... for companionship...
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Date 07/20/16 03:13 PM

Zoot Suit Riots: The Week When Navy Sailors Beat Up L.A. Hispanic Population

This one time in American history where white dudes targeted people of color for patriotic reasons.
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Date 07/20/16 02:59 PM

Is Twitter Protecting Its Users Or Pissing All Over The First Amendment?

Milo Yiannopoulos was kicked off of Twitter, by Twitter, after a campaign of prolonged online abuse directed at Leslie Jones, one of the actors of the new “Ghostbusters” movie.
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Date 07/20/16 01:58 PM

Melania Trump’s Speechwriter “Takes Responsibility” For Plagerised Speech

After the Trump team hires new speechwriters, it they should also hire a few crisis management experts and a professional liar for the rest of the campaign because today's excuse suuucks.
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Date 07/20/16 01:11 PM

VP Joe Biden’s Open Letter To Brock Turner’s Rape Victim

Vice President Joe Biden was so moved by the testimony of Brock Turner’s victim, he wrote her an open letter: "I do not know your name, but I see your unconquerable spirit."
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Date 07/20/16 12:57 PM

Russia’s Extra Paranoid Concerns Over Canada

After Crimea and the Ukraine, Russian posturing in the Baltic region has left NATO a little on edge asking for a little boost from allies. Helpful as always, Canada responded, apparently freaking Russia out.
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Date 07/20/16 03:52 AM

40 More Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #127 [Pics]

Look deep enough into the following 40 photos and your fortune for the rest of the day will be laid out in front of you. As usual, there's a couple NSFWish photos within.
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Date 07/19/16 02:01 PM

Scott Baio Is A Racist, Sexist Piece Of Shit, As Proven In This MSNBC Interview [Video]

Watch as Baio gets called out on all of his racist, sexist, uneducated tweets on live TV. The humiliation is sweet with this one...
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Date 07/19/16 11:53 AM

Futurama, The Live-Action Fan-Made Film Is Being Finished As You Read This [Video]

Good news, everyone -- the gang from "Futurama" is leaving animation behind, thanks to this small group of superfans. It's not an official release, but the attention to detail will make you think otherwise.
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Date 07/19/16 11:36 AM