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Craigslist Buyer: “Can I Rent Your Tiny Bike For $50?” [Pic]

Somebody lend this guy a tiny bike so he can vape and quit his crappy job in style. We all need to see this video.
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Date 02/14/16 08:30 AM

Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Dead At 79

The ultra right-wing conservative is dead, and that leaves the swing seat open for Obama to fill. Will the GOP tie him up in red tape until he's out of office?
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Date 02/14/16 08:14 AM

Facebook’s Worst Post Ever: Girls Compare Plates [Pic]

There's been a lot of weird photos that's graced the pages of I-A-B, but this photo has to be the weirdest, most disgusting, and 2% of you are going to fap to it later.
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Date 02/13/16 04:56 PM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #18 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/13/16 04:27 PM

Goatse Is Back And He’s Bigger And Better Than Ever [Pic]

It's been too long, Goatse -- please never stay away that long again.
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Date 02/13/16 02:00 PM

True Love (And Flatulence) Found In Whole Foods [Pic]

A man walked into a Whole Foods looking for a loaf of ciabatta bread, but left with the hope of true love.
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Date 02/13/16 01:33 PM

A Christmas Striptease For The Children [Video]

For this past Christmas, these Dutch kids got strippers on dance poles. All you got were a couple of lame gift cards. Not The Onion.
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Date 02/13/16 01:21 PM

The World Of Reddit Porn Subcatagories: Map Illustrated [Pic]

It looks so beautiful! Like art or something. Don't sorry, it's safe for work.
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Date 02/13/16 11:46 AM

Elon Musk Says Tesla Cars Will Drive Themselves in 2 Years

Musk talks about his autonomous vehicles, self-driving car rules, and the competition. Two years seems pretty quick though, right?
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Date 02/13/16 09:04 AM

The Most Satisfying Video In The World [Video]

A great video for sure, but if you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, you're going to jizz in your pants.
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Date 02/13/16 08:54 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #763 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Good morning, I-A-B. I'll be sitting in front of my laptop drinking and posting fresh new stuff for you all day long. Stop by when you have time.
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Date 02/13/16 08:44 AM
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Date 02/13/16 08:10 AM

Happy 36th Birthday To Christina Ricci And Her Nipples [16 Pics]

Just a post honoring the birthday of Christina Ricci and all the mammaries -- ahem -- *memories* she's given us over the years. [NSFW if you have a problem with covered nipples.]
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Date 02/12/16 04:15 PM

Dude, Where’s My Van: Southern NASCAR Mommy Edition [Pic]

Every NASCAR-loving, rifle-toting, Coach-bag carrying, southern mommy's worst nightmare.
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Date 02/12/16 03:54 PM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #17 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/12/16 03:27 PM

Charlotte Dial Wins For Shittiest Teacher Of The Year [Video]

This first-grade teacher goes off on a pretty sweet student, just because the kid answered a question wrong in front of the class. You know this isn't her first time losing it.
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Date 02/12/16 01:12 PM

Bill Murray Throws Fan’s Cellphone Off Roof In Anger

Uh oh. Last night, Bill Murray grabbed a cellphone from a patron in the same rooftop bar he was at and heaved it off the roof. Justified?
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Date 02/12/16 12:30 PM

Meanwhile In Ireland: Drunk Guys Moving A Couch Edition [Video]

Two drunk Irishmen come up with the smart idea of moving a sofa from one end of the village to the other... Sounds like a the beginning of a dirty Irish limerick.
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Date 02/12/16 08:18 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #762 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Thanks for your continued support, I-A-B. Keep your mouses at the ready for fresh, new posts all day long. TGIF!
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Date 02/12/16 07:56 AM

Guy Does A Perfect Imitation Of A Nightclub Bouncer [Video]

His only flaw is he didn't charge an entry fee, otherwise, the perfect crime.
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Date 02/12/16 07:16 AM

You Know He Dead: Teen Redneck In A Dune Buggy Edition [Vine]

The horn fading off into oblivion makes this.
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Date 02/12/16 07:03 AM

Prostitute Complains About Client Who “Finished” Too Quickly [Video]

This hooker complains her john finished too quickly, and she didn't have any fun. Guess she doesn't get how the whore-client relationship works. [NSFW language]
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Date 02/12/16 06:48 AM

OK Go: Upside Down & Inside Out [HD Video]

OK Go's newest music video, set in zero gravity in an airplane in flight -- no CGI or computer trickery. You might want to turn the volume down.
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Date 02/12/16 06:42 AM

Baby’s Got Big Pimp Problems [Vine]

When your whore says she only turned one trick all night, but you know she blew at least 10 guys.
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Date 02/11/16 04:38 PM

This Guy Spent A Year Throwing Eggs At His Mom [Video]

And he recorded every time he did it. Mom must be a pretty good sport.
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Date 02/11/16 04:09 PM

Blind Guy Has 9 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Blind [Photo]

Hmm. Even with all those "benefits," I'd still want my sight (and a couple of those reasons are stretching it anyway).
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Date 02/11/16 03:34 PM

People Are ANGRY Because Meryl Streep Said, “We’re All Africans” [Video]

Uh oh. Looks like the Oscar-winning actor got herself it trouble for calling us all Africans because you know, we're all the same? That's all it took to set off the tongue-cluckers and finger-waggers.
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Date 02/11/16 02:48 PM

Dog (Who Is Smarter Than Most Of Us) Figures Out How To Fish [Video]

Give this dog credit -- he figured out how to bait fish up to the surface of the water for easy pickings. Good job, fella.
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Date 02/11/16 02:15 PM
10. Oh my god, those girls are going to feel so ridiculous when they realize they're not wearing pants.

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #761 [Pics]

[Mid-Day Edition] Hey, I-A-B -- thanks again for your unconditional support of the site. I'm cranking out more posts all day. XOXO, Fancy
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Date 02/11/16 01:37 PM

Cosmopolitan Magazine Tells Women To Not Date Gun Owners [Video+]

Because women are dumb, and need Bloomberg Group and Cosmo to tell them how to live. Apparently, women still need to be told who to marry -- just like the olden days. Progress?
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Date 02/11/16 12:14 PM

Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves: Theory Of Relativity Confirmed

As of this morning, a team of physicists confirmed that Einstein's theory of relativity is legit.
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Date 02/11/16 11:01 AM

Thailand Tourist Withdrawing Cash From An ATM, No Big Deal [Pic]

This has the making of an incredibly awesome vacation or the time grandpa lost his retirement fund.
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Date 02/11/16 06:58 AM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #16 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/11/16 06:53 AM

Girl Asks Her Disabled, Wheelchair-Bound Friend To Prom [Video]

Is it dusty in here? I swear, these aren't tears, it's the dust... and the chopped onions!
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Date 02/11/16 06:51 AM

Greatest Super Bowl Party Ever: Craigslist Edition [Pic]

You've never been to a Super Bowl party until you've been to a Super Bowl party with a horny, black-out drunk clown.
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Date 02/11/16 06:40 AM
4. The Michael Bay sequel is going to kick so much ass.

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #760 [Pics]

[PM Edition] Thanks once again for your continued support, I-A-B. Keep on being awesome and stay tuned for more posts...
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Date 02/10/16 07:38 PM

T-Shirt Of The Day: Never Apologize For Being Right [Pic]

Full disclosure: This isn't 'T-Shirt of the Day' for the shirt, it's for the woman's perfect reaction.
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Date 02/10/16 06:32 PM

Creepy Teacher Gets Busted Facebook Stalking Student? [Pics]

Nope, it's just a teacher demonstrating how easy it is for personal info can be found online (which is exactly what a creeper would want you to think).
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Date 02/10/16 05:45 PM

Reporter Bashed For Her View On Beyonce Super Bowl Message [Video

Tomi Lahren is being slammed online for her opinion that Beyonce used a violent civil rights group (The Black Panthers) to provoke racial tensions, and thinks the "Black Lives Matter" people are wrong.
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Date 02/10/16 03:15 PM

That One Tree On Penn State’s Campus: Winter Edition [Pic]

By the way, those things that look like leaves on that tree? They're all bats.
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Date 02/10/16 03:03 PM

Johnny Depp In “Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie” [Video]

Funny Or Die just released a 50-minute "made for TV movie" starring Johnny Depp as Donald Trump and it's a surreal and brain-exploding as one might thing.
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Date 02/10/16 02:09 PM

Man Sets World Record For Smashing Plates On His Head [Video]

For cripes sake, why won't someone call a doctor -- this guy's gonna kill himself!
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Date 02/10/16 01:57 PM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #15 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/10/16 10:35 AM
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Date 02/10/16 09:40 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #759 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Good morning, I-A-B -- thanks for your ongoing support. Keep coming back today for new posts all day long. XOXO, Fancy
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Date 02/10/16 09:09 AM

How to Land a 737 Airplane… Just In Case [Video]

If you ever happen to be in a situation where you have to land a large commercial airplane, this video just might save your life. It's a how-to from an experience pilot.
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Date 02/10/16 08:34 AM

Trump Crushes Opponents Last Night In First Real Win [Video]

And with his 34% of last night's New Hampshire vote, he finally got to give his very first victory speech. Yes, it was as unfiltered and boisterous as you'd expect.
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Date 02/10/16 07:49 AM

36 Photos Of Times When People Were A-Holes [Pics]

[I-A-B Partner] There are very few things more satisfying than spotting newly-branded business in old buildings that used to be something else.
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Date 02/10/16 07:41 AM

Bernie Beats Hillary In Last Night’s New Hamp. Primary [Video]

Sanders trounced Clinton with 60% of the vote compared to the former secretary of state’s 38%. It's not over yet, but you can't help but notice a wave of momentum of Sanders.
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Date 02/10/16 07:09 AM

50 Photos That Prove Why Pizza Is The Greatest Food Ever [50 Pics]

It's National Pizza Day, I-A-B and there's still plenty of time in the day to celebrate.
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Date 02/09/16 06:21 PM