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CVS Fights Over-Inflated Name Brand Pharmaceuticals

CVS and 'Express Scripts' aren't putting up with the extorted medicine rates pharmaceutical companies are inflating. Instead they're cutting the company's meds out completely.
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Date 08/25/16 11:33 AM

10 Accidental Medical Discoveries

Science is a precise art and yet some of the biggest medical discoveries were discovered by accident.
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Date 08/25/16 09:07 AM

A Case for Cupping?

Not so new, I've been using similar devices on my wife's "muscles" for years.
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Date 08/25/16 05:50 AM

Mid-Day Music Break: Die Antwoord + “Ugly Boy”

I adore everything that Ninja and Yolandi do, and even though this tune is a departure from their earlier stuff and the celeb cameos take me out of the song, this is still worth the click.
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Date 08/24/16 03:20 PM