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Our Sādhu Siblings From The Other Side of The World

Ipernity photographer, “sawsengee,” from Kuala Lumpur has a large collection of beautiful portraits of sādhu’s, pilgrims, and street vendors from various places in India and Nepal. These pictures are beautiful reminders that our own familiar culture and comforts do not extend too far beyond our own perceptions. It’s nice to see one of the other billions […]

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Date 08/24/16 02:44 PM

An Earth-Like Planet Has Been Discovered Near Our Solar System

OK, so "near" is a relative word -- this unnamed planet is only 4.25 light-years away from Earth, but don't worry -- if there's a way to inhabit it and slowly destroy it with pollution and human wear-and-tear, we'll do it.
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Date 08/24/16 10:28 AM

Compete or Suckle

Should troubled nuclear reactors be subsidized?
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Date 08/24/16 07:57 AM

Trudeau vs. Brazeau

Charity Boxing with Canada's now PM (from 2012)
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Date 08/23/16 07:52 PM

The Laughing Man

A re-imagining of the Joker
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Date 08/23/16 03:33 PM

World’s First Head Transplant Set For September

A Russian computer scientist suffering from a rare genetic disease has decided he’d like to try a new body on if science and medicine will allow for it.
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Date 08/23/16 01:50 PM

Tokyo 2020

The Prime Minister of Japan as Mario, what more can I add to that?
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Date 08/23/16 09:19 AM

Why do Furries Exist?

A video on how Furries came to be any why do they exist.
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Date 08/23/16 09:16 AM

10 Racist Celebrities

Some of Hollywoods glitziest stars have slipped from the red carpet and straight to the Z-list after revelations of their racist outbursts.
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Date 08/23/16 08:34 AM