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Gunman Tries To Rob Pokemon GO Players, Gets Shot Instead

How's this for different worlds colliding? A guy had a lawfully-concealed weapon on him when someone tried to rob the group of Pokemon GO players he was with. Score one for the gun-carrying Pokemon nerds.
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Date 07/26/16 08:15 AM

The Gentrification of Sesame Street

Wall Street is gentrifying Main Street. I guess it was only a matter of time before the devil came to Sesame Street.
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Date 07/25/16 12:13 PM

The Case Of The Really Small UFO Found In Japan [Pic]

Japan has had its fair share of UFO sightings over the years, but few encounters have been as peculiar as the one involving the mini-UFO captured in Japan on August 25, 1972.
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Date 07/25/16 10:41 AM

Best Cosplay Girls Of Comic-Con 2016 [Video]

Hope you're prepared for I-A-B's annual post-weekend coverage of a lot of San Diego's Comic-Con 2016 -- lots of photos and video to come throughout the week...
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Date 07/25/16 04:26 AM

Trapped Inside of Aleppo – A Nightmare For Many

The U.N. issued a statement of concern about getting humanitarian aid and assistance to a portion of the population in Aleppo. Many people are trapped there with no feasible way to get help.
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Date 07/24/16 07:21 AM