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33 Cities Busted For Shady Water Quality Tests: Does Your Town Make The List?

Is your town on this list of cities intentionally hiding poisoned drinking water? Check and see how dishonest your city is -- you might have something in common with the poors in Flint, Michigan.
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Date 07/26/16 02:38 PM

Mid-Day Music Break: Giant Laser Hardcore Techno Kitty [Video]

Canadian producer, Excision has a pet techno cat that blows everyone's mind upon hearing watching in in action.
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Date 07/26/16 01:29 PM

Sightings: Did A German Submarine Encounter A Sea Monster?

The time is World War I -- German submarine, the U-28, encounters a huge beast during a battle -- or did they?
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Date 07/26/16 01:17 PM

Terrorists Kill Priest In French Church Attack In The Name Of ISIS

Take hostages, shout slogans, slit throats, film it for posterity -- the usual terrorist stuff. So much for one day this week without a terrorist killing.
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Date 07/26/16 12:21 PM

A Sustainable Death: Creative Things You Can Do With A Dead Body [Video]

You can die and decompose like the disgusting pig you are, or you can have an "ecoburial" and feed the earth with your dead, decaying corpse.
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Date 07/26/16 11:46 AM

Just Two Democrats Insulting Jewish People, No Big Deal

While Cynthia McKinney (former Congresswoman) is a certified nut-case, I'm disappointed with Hank Jonson (D-GA).
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Date 07/26/16 10:55 AM

Everyone’s Sick And Tired Of Your Pokemon GO Obsession [10 Pics]

A bunch of signs made by bosses, business owners, and anti-Pokemon haters -- made to either crap on your Pokemon fun, or made to exploit it.
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Date 07/26/16 10:29 AM

Thousands Say Their Final Farewell One of The World’s Most Selfless People

He spent his life wanting nothing more than to help the poor, children, and the elderly. Even if you're just learning about Abdul Sattar Edhi, we can all learn something from him in his death.
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Date 07/26/16 10:15 AM

Who Are The Tallest People In The World? A 100 Year Study Says…

Who's getting taller? Who's getting shorter? Who's stopped growing for several decades? A look at how people have gotten taller since 1914.
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Date 07/26/16 09:31 AM

20 Tactics Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths, And Psychos Use To Shut You Up

Here are the 20 diversionary tactics toxic people use to silence and degrade you.
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Date 07/26/16 09:18 AM

[The Daily Doc] Australia’s Shame: The Brutalization Of Teens Behind Bars [Video]

Last night, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation aired this doc on the barbaric conditions at teen detention centers. It's not Guantanamo Bay, but it's very close.
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Date 07/26/16 08:24 AM

Gunman Tries To Rob Pokemon GO Players, Gets Shot Instead

How's this for different worlds colliding? A guy had a lawfully-concealed weapon on him when someone tried to rob the group of Pokemon GO players he was with. Score one for the gun-carrying Pokemon nerds.
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Date 07/26/16 08:15 AM

What If You Were Able To Read Your Dog’s Thoughts? [Video]

This "dog thought translator" will only confirm your worst fears -- that it's probably best that we don't know what our dogs think...
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Date 07/26/16 05:17 AM

Sarah Silverman Just Made It Weird At Tonight’s Democratic National Con [Video]

Sarah Silverman tells the 'Feel the Bern' people they're being "ridiculous" and Al Franken came off smarmy, as usual. It can only get better, Republicans.
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Date 07/25/16 06:52 PM
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Date 07/25/16 03:54 PM

40 More Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #129 [Pics]

Look deep enough into the following 40 photos and your fortune for the rest of the day will be laid out in front of you. As usual, there's a couple NSFWish photos within.
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Date 07/25/16 03:39 PM

Cop Want To Recreate Murder Victim’s Fingerprints To Access Phone Data

A murder victim just might have evidence leading to a resolution in their case but the evidence is inaccesible to law enforcement. Police want to recreate the victim's fingerprints to gain access to their phone.
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Date 07/25/16 02:58 PM

You Missed New York’s 3rd Annual Nude Bodypainting Festival [NSFW Video]

Don't fear, one industrious fellow with a hi-def camera captured all the action that afternoon. Everything from models getting painting to pretty much everything else.
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Date 07/25/16 01:28 PM

Democratic National Convention Attendees Turn On, Boo Sanders [Video]

Ouch, that's gotta sting. In the wake of Clinton's Wikileaks email fiasco, Bernie tell's his supporters they "have got to elect Hillary Clinton," but they're aren't having it.
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Date 07/25/16 12:17 PM

The Gentrification of Sesame Street

Wall Street is gentrifying Main Street. I guess it was only a matter of time before the devil came to Sesame Street.
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Date 07/25/16 12:13 PM

Hillary Clinton’s Vision For Educating The Poor: Segregation

Hillary Clinton is under the impression that segregation works towards the benefit of the poor.
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Date 07/25/16 12:02 PM

Is The US Navy Evil Enough To Use Pokemon GO To Trick Potential Enlistees? [Pic]

Whoa, this is pretty low and quite underhanded, and there teens of a certain level of intelligence and social class that will fall for this.
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Date 07/25/16 11:40 AM

More Pokemon GO Weekend Adventures: Ocean Edition [2 Pics]

How soon before the other shoe drops and we start making fun of this...
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Date 07/25/16 10:56 AM

For Anyone Who’s Ever Wondered, “How Old is This Map?” [Pic]

Countries and maps are constantly chaning. Here's how to navigate the next constantly-changing world map that you see.
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Date 07/25/16 10:53 AM

The Case Of The Really Small UFO Found In Japan [Pic]

Japan has had its fair share of UFO sightings over the years, but few encounters have been as peculiar as the one involving the mini-UFO captured in Japan on August 25, 1972.
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Date 07/25/16 10:41 AM

Woman Mauled To Death By Tiger At A Chinese Wild Animal Park [Video]

Not gory, but pretty screwed up -- I couldn't imagine being mauled from behind like this, but then again, I wouldn't get out of a car in a wild animal park.
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Date 07/25/16 10:21 AM

Pussy Noodle Is This Real Life Of Just A Japanese Fever Dream Or Both? [Video]

Ramen pussy noodles and a giant man dressed in a dick costume. Of course it's new food from Japan.
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Date 07/25/16 08:01 AM

Introducing Bette Nash: The World’s Oldest Flight Attendant [Pics]

A story about an adorable lady who has spent her lifetime serving airplane passengers for a living.
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Date 07/25/16 07:57 AM

This Teacher Wins The Contest For Coolest Gift Ever Received From A Student [Pic]

A Kuwaiti school girl loved her teacher so much she bought her a brand new Mercedes-Benz as a thank you present.
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Date 07/25/16 07:52 AM

You Can’t Kill Your Best Friend And Turn Him Into A Tricycle [Pic]

I imagine this would be a conversation I'd have to have with my kid, if I ever had one.
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Date 07/25/16 06:49 AM
Cybele Olsen

Teen Vogue Goes With Reality This Season With Real Girls In Real Swimwear [Pics]

In a short lived moment of integrity, Vogue honored the beautiful reality of the human form.
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Date 07/25/16 05:44 AM

The Detailed List Of Findings In Wikileaks DNC Document Dump

Oh boy, here it is: The hacked emails revealed the DNC’s hatred for Sanders and the heights of dishonesty of the party infrastructure. Should Bernie should demand an investigation?
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Date 07/25/16 05:20 AM

Best Cosplay Girls Of Comic-Con 2016 [Video]

Hope you're prepared for I-A-B's annual post-weekend coverage of a lot of San Diego's Comic-Con 2016 -- lots of photos and video to come throughout the week...
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Date 07/25/16 04:26 AM

Wichita Police Department Shows The Nation How To Deal With Protestors

When Black Lives Matters marched through Wichita the police department welcomed them in a very special way.
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Date 07/25/16 04:21 AM

Three Brand-Spanking New Netflix Marvel Trailers! [Video]

Not much there in these short clips, but I can't wait regardless! Great potential here!
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Date 07/24/16 11:03 AM

The First, Second, And Third Class Menus On The Titanic [Pics]

Gruel! You ate gruel if you were third class like the dog you were.
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Date 07/24/16 10:54 AM

Boy Repeatedly Sneaks Into Neighbor’s Garage To Hug Their Dog [Video+]

And maybe my heart. This little boy stole a bit of my heart too.
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Date 07/24/16 09:51 AM
9. This is why you never be the person who passes out first.

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #822 [Pics]

Thanks for your continued support, I-A-B. Don't forget to get out and enjoy the day.
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Date 07/24/16 07:54 AM

Did These Canadian Researchers Produce A Ghost By Collective Thought?

Can a man who never lived become a ghost? These researchers made it happen... or did their collective subconscious think they did?
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Date 07/24/16 07:28 AM

Trapped Inside of Aleppo – A Nightmare For Many

The U.N. issued a statement of concern about getting humanitarian aid and assistance to a portion of the population in Aleppo. Many people are trapped there with no feasible way to get help.
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Date 07/24/16 07:21 AM

The World’s Newest Country Struggles For Peace In Spite Of Starvation And Violent

The U.N. issued a stern condemnation of South Sudan's recent violence in light of the nation's future and their fifth anniversary.
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Date 07/24/16 06:08 AM

A Tale Of Two Grieving Mothers: Cindy Sheehan And Patricia Smith

Remember the 'Sheehan Circus?' Compare and contrast that to the treatment given to Patricia Smith.
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Date 07/24/16 05:45 AM

This Woman Gets An Exorcism After Being Possessed By A “Duwende” [Video]

The original clip, filmed in the Philippines, shows more than seven minutes of an exorcism performed on a woman, possibly a teenager
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Date 07/23/16 05:20 PM

How The Republican Party Slid From Lincoln To Trump [Video]

It went from a party that was racially progressive for its times, to one that gets little support from nonwhite voters. It went from a Northern-only party, to one that dominates the South. Here's how it happened."
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Date 07/23/16 04:45 PM

40 More Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #128 [Pics]

Look deep enough into the following 40 photos and your fortune for the rest of the day will be laid out in front of you. As usual, there's a couple NSFWish photos within.
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Date 07/23/16 04:20 PM

Who is Amaryllis Fox?

After watching her quick video about how foreign militants see themselves differently, I had to find out exactly who Amaryllis Fox is.
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Date 07/23/16 11:15 AM

Los Angeles City CouncilThe Highest Paid, Most Housing Crisis Corrupt

If you're looking to lobby against human rights for close to what the American President makes annually then the Los Angeles City Council is for you!
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Date 07/23/16 11:12 AM

These Sweet Glasses Are Light Years Ahead Of Google’s Glass Fiasco [Video]

Someone start a GoFundMe account for me so I can eventually afford these smart-phone-glasses. Plz K Thnx.
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Date 07/23/16 11:05 AM

[Follow-up] Cop Who Shot Man Lying Down, Shot Him To Save His Life

The North Miami cop who shot says he would do it all over again because that what he was trained to do. Why was the innocent gunshot victim handcuffed after though?
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Date 07/23/16 10:09 AM

[Daily Doc] Hype!: The Rise Of The Seattle Grunge Scene [Video]

The definitive doc on the early-'90s grunge scene. It's cool to see young Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and the other regulars, but it's more interesting to see the dozens of bands that never made it.
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Date 07/23/16 09:53 AM