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Quick Note About The Message Boards From Fancy [Pinned]

The threads are (finally) about to get a facelift.
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Date 04/16/16 09:27 AM

Teen Took Snapchat Pic While Driving Car At 107 MPH [Pic+]

Guess what happened... yes, she crashed into another car. Now the other driver is suing Snapchat for damages. Do you think there's a case? Seems like it there's some validity there.
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Date 04/30/16 11:08 AM

Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd Recreate Styx’s “Too Much Time” [Video]

Jimmy and Paul (and some of the Lonely Island guys) do a shot-for-shot remake of the 1981 video for Styx's "Too Much Time On My Hands." Beautiful!
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Date 04/30/16 11:02 AM

Honest Question, I-A-B: What’s This Kid Protesting? [Pic]

Everyone has a cause they're protesting these days -- including this kid. What's his beef? I feel like today's teen don't feel like they exist unless they're protesting some niche cause.
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Date 04/30/16 10:38 AM

Man Gives Ted Cruz The Communist Manifesto To Sign [Video]

And Ted signs it, but look at what he wrote...
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Date 04/30/16 10:36 AM

The New Boys-Only Edition Bible For Boys [Pic]

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Date 04/30/16 09:51 AM

Vegan Cafe Owners Get Death Threats For Their Outside Business

This story raises some good questions. Why are vegans so upset? The restaurant owners didn't sell meat in their restaurants. Can't the owners do whatever they want outside the cafe?
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Date 04/30/16 09:42 AM

Alice In Wonderland: The Animation Process [10 Pics]

Just a few photos that shows how detailed and careful Disney animators were with their characters' body motion and facial reactions.
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Date 04/30/16 08:45 AM

2 Children Found Tied Like Dogs In Backyard [Video]

Texas deputies found 2 toddlers in the backyard of a house with 6 more kids inside. One was chained to the ground, the other tied to a door with a dog leash.
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Date 04/30/16 08:08 AM

One Should Always Live Life By Two Rules… [Pic]

Not sure what the second rule is, but the first rule is universal.
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Date 04/29/16 05:34 PM

Me: I’m Interested In Getting My Dog A Haircut? [Pic]

BARBER: Do you have a style in mind? ME: Ever see a bobble head? BARBER: Say no more.
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Date 04/29/16 05:09 PM

Your 13 Seconds Of Zen: The Whoosh Bottle [Video]

SCIENCE! Watching people play with fire is always fun. Don't try this at home though (unless you want to and if you do, record it and send it to I-A-B.)
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Date 04/29/16 05:07 PM

If You’re Guilty Of Any Of These, Minorities Hate You [8 Pics]

More trigger warnings, privileged upbringing, and sensationalism, this time brought to you by the University of San Francisco.
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Date 04/29/16 03:49 PM
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Date 04/29/16 12:25 PM

How Much Did Obama Contribute To The National Debt?

Whether Obama and his supporters want to face it or not, he is the $20 trillion man.
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Date 04/29/16 12:07 PM

Straight People Are Using Grindr To Make Gay Best Friends

I really wish this was an Onion parody article, but... nope. Straight people are really doing this.
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Date 04/29/16 12:00 PM

Baltimore Man Wears Hedgehog Onesie Invades Local TV Station [Video]

I guess you could say it was... (takes off sunglasses) ...panda-monium! Yeeeaaah!
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Date 04/29/16 10:45 AM

Muslim Toilet Etiquette: How To Use Bathrooms As A Muslim Properly

Yes, Muslim have strict rules about using restrooms and here are their rules and practices that they have to adhere to.
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Date 04/29/16 10:17 AM

There A So Many Things Wrong With This Dentist’s SUV [Pic]

No one told this guy his URL might be considered a red flag?
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Date 04/29/16 10:02 AM

The Economic Legacy of Obama

A very detailed read, but the reporter really does the work and uncovers some very interesting, and little-known facts.
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Date 04/29/16 09:32 AM

TED Ed: Why Do Cats Act So Weird? [Video]

Cats are strange, amusing, and baffling, which leaves us asking: Why do cats do that? Tony Buffington explains the science behind some of your cat’s strangest behaviors.
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Date 04/29/16 08:45 AM

Proposed Defense Bill Would Require Women To Register For Draft

OK millennial feminists, here's the equality you've been asking for. The forms are in your local post office, and yes the pay is equal to what men get.
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Date 04/28/16 03:48 PM

More UK Slang Vs. USA Words [Pic]

OK, I-A-B UK, we always have this debate every time a UK slang post comes up. How many of these UK slang words correct? They always get it wrong.
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Date 04/28/16 03:44 PM

Microsoft Windows 10 Update Interrupts Weather Forecast [Video]

Looks like were headed for some cloudy skies with a chance of Microsoft Windows 10.
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Date 04/28/16 03:42 PM

First-Person Helmet Cam View Of An ISIS Battle [Video]

Some footage taken during a real battle, from a fallen ISIL fighter's helmet cam. The fighting is intense and 100 percent legit. Scary shit, man.
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Date 04/28/16 03:22 PM

Ezekiel Elliott Wore A Crop Top To The NFL Draft Today [Pic]

Doesn't matter if you know who Ezekiel Elliott is (former Ohio State running back) or what the NFL draft is (where teams sign college football players), let just hope this isn't a fashion trend.
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Date 04/28/16 03:15 PM

Liberal Redneck On American Family Assn. Boycotting Target [Video]

The Liberal Redneck makes some pretty damn good points for being a redneck. Worth watching, especially if you're on the fence about the trans bathroom issue.
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Date 04/28/16 03:11 PM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #95 [Pics]

[PM Edition] Enjoy the day's crop of pics, I-A-B. They say if you have just the right about of alcohol, these 40 images tell one cohesive story. It's true.
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Date 04/28/16 01:44 PM

A Real, Working Homemade Hoverbike [Video]

How long before this guy is killed by his own awesome invention? Because you know it's eventually going to happen.
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Date 04/28/16 01:32 PM

Webster’s Dictionary Add Latest Crop Of Words To Its New Edition

Lots of buzzwords added this year -- mostly all politically charged. I named 10 in the article -- can you guess one of them? I bet you can if you're a regular I-A-B reader.
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Date 04/28/16 01:29 PM

Now That Sanders Is Winding Down His Campaign [Pic]

With a little simple editing and some blue paint, it's not too difficult to repurpose Bernie's old campaign billboards.
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Date 04/28/16 12:22 PM
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Date 04/28/16 12:20 PM

And You Thought The Trans Bathroom Controversy Was Crazy [Pic]

Has there ever been another time in history when bathrooms played such a big part of politics?
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Date 04/28/16 08:28 AM

North Korea’s Rushed Intermediate Missile Test Failed

A little bit of good news, I-A-B -- we don't have to worry about North Korea or Kim Jong Un for a few weeks.
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Date 04/28/16 08:16 AM

“Insomniac” With Dave Attell: Unrated, Volume 2 [Video]

Full length and unrated so make sure mom, the boss, grandma, or anyone else you don't want to offend isn't around.
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Date 04/28/16 08:01 AM

Atari’s National Space Invaders Championship, 1980 [Pic]

It was all so much more civilized...
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Date 04/28/16 06:49 AM

You Didn’t Like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice… [Pic]

But maybe Ben Affleck's new Batman costume will change your mind for "The Justice League Part One," currently filming.
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Date 04/27/16 03:32 PM
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Date 04/27/16 03:32 PM

Bad-Ass Aerial Smoke Curtains During World War II [Video]

Titanium tetrachloride would be sprayed from airplanes to create vertical smoke curtains to help protect and hide huge ships what were vulnerable to enemy fire.
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Date 04/27/16 03:04 PM

Another Darwin Award Candidate Makes The Front Page [Pic]

At least the kid is gonna keep his street cred, right?
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Date 04/27/16 02:28 PM

Sanders To Cut Hundreds Of Staffers: Is The Dream Over?

He says this is strategical to win California. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being "oh shit), how bad does this look for Sanders' chances?
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Date 04/27/16 02:27 PM

A Blindfolded 7-Year-Old Solves A Rubik’s Cube In 2 Minutes [Video]

How many years have you been working on getting two sides again?
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Date 04/27/16 02:07 PM

Flashback: Tim Cappello, The Sax Player In “The Lost Boys” [Pics/Video]

You know exactly the guy I'm talking about: The sweaty, gyrating, sax-a-ma-phone guy from The Lost Boys. Who could forget?
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Date 04/27/16 01:40 PM

“The Cop Line Bling” By The Nova Scotia RCMP [Video]

Nova Soctia's finest, promoting awareness of their ‘Move Over’ law. So bad it's good.
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Date 04/27/16 12:57 PM

The Good News: Your Girlfriend Is The Prom Queen [Pic]

The Bad News: This is your girlfriend.
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Date 04/27/16 12:07 PM

Trump About To Become Most Popular GOP Primary Candidate (Ever?)

10,000,000 million voters can't be wrong... can they?
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Date 04/27/16 10:42 AM

Man Gets Ass Kicked Because He Looked Like Shia LaBeouf [Pics]

New Yorker Mario Licato says he was brutally attacked in a subway this past Saturday for looking like LaBeouf. I'm not gonna say this is an excusable crime, but I understand.
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Date 04/27/16 08:16 AM

Watts Riots In Los Angeles: 1965 Historic Footage [Video]

Historic footage of the Watts Riots of 1965. Perspective - it's everything
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Date 04/27/16 08:02 AM

Hillary Clinton Backs The Highest Soda Tax Ever Proposed [Video+]

That'll be three more cents for every ounce. That'll add up to around $2 for a 2 liter bottle, or $4.30 for a 12-pack of cans. Of course this is "for the good of the children" right?
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Date 04/27/16 07:12 AM

Woman Gets Arrested After Winning The Lottery… [Pic]

...for doing exactly what we'd all do if we won the lottery.
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Date 04/27/16 07:08 AM
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Date 04/27/16 07:05 AM