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A Bunch Of People Getting Swallowed Up By Awesome High Tides

There’s a tradition along the Qiantang River, by Hangzhou Bay, in China to risk your life while looking like you’re having fun at it. Of course there are great photos of people getting hit by huge, muddy waves.
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Date 09/30/16 06:17 AM

Apple Will Show Your Text Data To The Law

Despite the claims Apple makes, the Intercept and the Electronic Freedom Frontier are trying to find out why the company keeps your text data.
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Date 09/30/16 06:07 AM

Nestle Had The Balls To Outbid A Small Town Out Of It’s Water Well

The Canadian water wars have begun! All the Township of Centre Wellington wanted was to keep ownership of their water well that supplied its people with clean water. Big Water swooped in, outbid, and bought the well from underneath them.
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Date 09/29/16 01:27 PM

Hildago Negro’s Tinsel Monsters

I would buy a ticket, grab a tequila and soda, and sit down to this... even though I'm not sure what it is. Maybe Kanye could use some new backup dancers.
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Date 09/27/16 05:33 AM

Clinton Vs. Trump: Debate #1 [Sticky]

You saw the debates. Trump stuck with Clinton for about 10 or 15 minutes and it was close... frighteningly close. Then the wheels fell off and it turned into the primetime sit-com we were expecting. Who came out on top? Who got destroyed?
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Date 09/26/16 12:40 PM